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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MCMastery, Feb 17, 2016.


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    I had an idea to make a plugin that creates a control panel window when a server is run. From that control panel, server operators can change, for example, server properties, plugin management (possibly), kick players, ban players, run commands, etc. It would basically be a multicraft control panel, but for privately hosted servers (of course not hosted by a company). The control panel would be visible only while the server is running, so it shouldn't be a problem if a server owner accidentally downloads it on a server hosted by a company.

    Is this idea something I should work on? Any ideas, comments? Would this be allowed on Bukkit, since it creates a separate window?
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    Do you mean a GUI minecraft, such as an Inventory, or do you mean as an other window separate from minecraft? If it's the first, then I would say go for it. If you mean creating a new window, then you cannot do that without having some clients download a separate file, which bukkit may not be able to inspect. Because of that, you may not be able to distribute your plugin on the bukkit forums.
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    @Zombie_Striker It is a separate window, and it works. I have it working on a default Bukkit server on my system, with no other plugins. It only appears for the server operator.
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    Then yeah, go for it. Just note you will not be able to post it on the bukkit forums unless your other program has been verified by bukkit as well.
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    Go for it, it would be easy since all you need to do is create a new jframe and use the api to update values such as players and stuff. Plugin management would be a little more work but it's definitely possible
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    @N00BHUN73R Yes, thank you. I got a list of connected players so far. Right now, you can select them and kick or op/deop them. I will get plugin management to work
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    One thing to consider: how are you verifying the commands sent through the control panel? How do you know the player who has the control panel is an op? How do you actually know if the player is who they say they are? What is your verification system?
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    @Zombie_Striker The control panel is only visible on the computer that is running the server, same as the console.
    This would only be useful if you are hosting the server on your own computer. It is only visible while the server is being run, so it isn't dangerous if you run it on a multicraft server - it's just pointless.
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    It kinda makes sense, but it's not useful for remote servers through SSH since you don't have graphical interface
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    @MCMastery Just because someone has already made something similar to your idea doesn't mean you can't make a better one.
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    @Gerov Thank you :p I will still make it. I've had this idea for atleast 2 years - I've never gotten around to doing it
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    @MCMastery there are other ways to do this, there is a way that you can make a plugin communicate with a mod if you have it on your pc and still be able to open the gui no matter where it's hosted. Even means you can verify the user perm status through your server.
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    Also, feel free to message me if you'd come across a problem.

    Source code for bukkitGUI is available here:
    https://github.com/Bertware/bukkitgui (in VB.Net, extremely messy!)
    https://github.com/Bertware/bukkitgui2 (in C#, more modular approach but never finished)

    It might help you out, took me quite some time too to figure out how to get output from bukkit to my own program (after many months another developer was able to tell me about the --nojline flag)

    As @Xerox262 said, you can use a plugin to communicate, or you can directly run the server from your own tool. In case you want to use a plugin, check out JsonApi. No idea if it's still up to date, but as far as I know it's one of the most complete plugins to access server info.

    Happy coding!
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