Bukkit and new Items?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by themightydm, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Just curious.
    My friends and I love Bukkit, great way to add in lots of extra content to our SMP and very easy to keep track of all the plugins. However, recently we have been experimenting with Buildcraft and INdustrialcraft as well as Balkan's Weapon Mod. These are, of course, not available on Bukkit.
    I was just wondering if anyone knew whether the minds behind Bukkit ever plan on supporting plugins that add other items to the game. I know I have seen a few plugins that supposedly allow client side mods to work with the bukkit server, but when I read through them I still wasn't sure if they were actually what I wanted.

    The main reason I would like to know is because some of the friends that I play with aren't very good at or do not wish to modify their Minecraft files for these mods, so they are inevitably left out when we decide to play on our industrialcraft server. If I could control all of that (I run the server) then they wouldn't need to worry and everyone could be happy.

    Anyways, just curious if that is ever a possibility, or if I will simply have to stick with having two servers.
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    Guess I will have to check that out then.
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    There is supposed to be a modloadermp for bukkit, but I don't know if it works.
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    Spout will be supporting custom blocks and items, though I'm unaware of their current progress (last thing I heard was that custom blocks were on the verge of being implemented).
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    Plugins are already taking advantage of our custom blocks and items API, but it's not an advertised feature and is still under heavy development.
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    I checked it out. Only officially supports some mods and even then doesn't always work. I've been trying to get RedPower into my bukkit server but so far unsuccessful. Settled for using PailStone plugin instead. Not exactly the same thing but has some similar functionality. Like IC chips.
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