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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Techtronic, Dec 23, 2011.

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    i got a personal server started up and running with mcmmo but i cant seem to get any levels. i am a noob and i was told this was gonna be the simplest solution versus someone making a singleplayer mod that i requested on the minecraft forum site. what the hell is a yml file? how do i set the permissions to get levels?

    nevermind apparently the woodcutting skill doesn't always award xp

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    To get woodcutting you need to use an axe unless you changed things in the config!
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    Ya i know and it seems to be working perfectly now but I still have one problem. I am running the server (default settings) and have given my cousin my IP address to connect but he can't connect. Why isn't my server sharing?
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    You have to forward your server's port to your machine by logging into your router's interface and setting port 25565 to forward to your computer's local IP. I can explain how to do this if need be. I also think this thread has some explanations for common problems like this.

    Also, .yml is the most common way of naming a file that contains YAML keys and values. These are most often used for configs and should be opened with WordPad. As for YAML, it literally is yet another markup language, somewhat like HTML and XML.
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    Well why did they say sql in the instructions but put yml files? I am familiar with sql but I've never used yml even though I was able remotely figure it out
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