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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by maciek1o3s, Feb 23, 2012.

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    yes, what are differences? i used bukki up to 1.8 ver but then i stopped playing. please tell me should i move to craftbukkit or i can stay on bukkit?

    and last question, does R4 ver of bukkit cope with today snapshot or not?
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    Bukkit and CraftBukkit are the same...
    Bukkit is the company name, CraftBukkit is the program name.

    I don't quite understand your last question.
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    Look, 12w08 was released 2 days ago. Does Bukkit R4 includes new things from patch 12w08, or i need to wait for bukkit for MC 1.2 which will include everythibng from patches to 1.1
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    Bukkit builds do not update for each weekly build as it would be almost impossible for the bukkit team to do. So r4 would only work with the current full release of Minecraft which is 1.1.

    So in short yes you will have to wait for 1.2 MC and an update to bukkit.
  5. Bukkit is the files that plugin developers use to make plugins.

    CraftBukkit is the file to launch your server.

    Use CraftBukkit for your server and NOT bukkit.

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