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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by flarnot, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Im Not Sure Weather This Is Bukkets Fault Or Its A Plugin I Installed But Everytime I Enter "The End" It Says I Was Moving Too Fast (Hacking) And Im OP And Everything And I Dont Have Any Anti Hacking Plugins So If Anyone Can Help Please Tell Me:D
  2. Try without any plugins. If it doesn't kick you then it's one of your plugins.

    Please Dont Write Like This, It's Really Annoying To Read. And it's called Bukkit, not Bukket, just sayin'.
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    I just tryed that its not one of the plugins
  4. Ok, try installing a plugin and check if you get kicked, if you dont then install one more plugin. Just continue with that until you find the plugin that is kicking you.
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    No i said its NOT one of the plugins because it still kicks me when i get rid of them (do u know any plugins that can allow me to hack cos that might stop the problem)
  6. Oh, woops, I read it wrong. Check out NoSpeedKick.
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    Soaky thanks for the plugin im testing it now :)

    Naaaw the plugin dosent seem to work :'(

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