Building not permitted?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TacoMuffinCow, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I have two problems. First no one can build/destroy blocks anywhere, i dont know where to configure this, Im not sure if its world guard, essentails or the defualt Bukkit configs or if this in the permissions.
    If it helps, when somebody trys to build/break a block it says..."You are not permitted to build".
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    do you have block protection or greif protection?
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    are these plugins?
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    O_O list your plug ins and any errors in the server.log file
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    If you have essentials you must give them this permission node
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    I'll check that.
    and It shows that there are no permissions..........?
    somebody able to help me with that?

    Here are my plugins
    1. Chest Shop
    2. Disco Sheep
    3. Essentials
    4. Essentials Chat
    5. EssentialsGroupBridge
    6. essentialsGroupManager
    7. EssentialsProtect
    8. EssentialsSpawn
    9. Factions
    10. FishingLures
    11. Fishing Tournament
    12. iConomy
    13. KillAllMobs
    14. Lockette
    15. LogBlock
    16. ScheduledAnnouncer
    17. SimpleBackup
    18. SimpleWarps
    19. SpamGuard
    20. SwearingBLocker
    21. VirtualChest
    22. WorldEdit
    23. WorldGuard
    Thats all of them.............................. I know you probably dont need all of dem but here.

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    go groupmanager groups.yml, make sure build is set to true.
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