[BUG] Disappearing Blocks

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Riolu, May 8, 2012.

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    I noticed problem on my server:
    Some places, where I trying to place any blocks, thay are just disappear and don't want to being placed. It's able to place blocks on that places, but it's hard.
    So, there in no any protection place or somethin, just bug.
    Also, if I even successfully place block on that cursed place, it can disappear sometime later.

    I think it is bukkit problem, because I tried to place blocks at single creative and survive modes - everything is seems to work; I also tried at bukkit server without any plugins - but there is still that problem.

    Thanks for any feedback.
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    Okay, sorry.
    But I say everything I can. What can't you understand?
    I trying to place blocks, but they just disappear.
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    Need a little more info, like are you near spawn? What plugins are you running (if any)? Is it always in the same location?
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    Chances are, it is lag
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    For me, chests and furnaces disappear all the time. I think this a bug in Minecraft, actually.
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    1. No. I said in topic, it is not any protection. It's appear randomly or something.
    2. Problem will keep, even if I will delete all plugins (I tested that).
    3. Actually, yes - same, but, as I said in topic, it is able to place block to that disappearing zone. You just must put this block from other side.
    For example:
    I have ground ([dirt] and[grass]) where I want to put block ([stone]).
    So, I put block from upper side like this:
    But it disappear!
    Then I can put this block from other side by using another block.
    I put another block ([mossy]) to nearby place where is no disappear zone:
    After that, aim to another block side and right click (to place block) with that block I want to put:
    Then I remove another block and get that I wanted:
    Ant that wond disappear. But it can disappear later (1 minute - even 2 hours)

    I damn hope you understand, what I mean! :confused:
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    That's really strange, could be a bugged map generation, defiantly not lag! I would suggest moving the map into your single player folder to be sure its the actual map and not Bukkit.

    Let us know your results.
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    And again. I told that in topic. It's only buckit faild. Also, I figured out that this bug appears only at creative mode.
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    Plugin list please!
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    BorderGuard, WorldEdit, CoreProtect, CommandBook,
    PermissionsBukkit, Runecraft, Rakamak, FalseBookCore, LWC, SimpleSign, WorldGuar
    d, FalseBookCart, Smart Moving, CopyCat, FalseBookChat, FalseBookBlock, FalseBoo
    kIC, FalseBookExtra
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    It happens on my server as well, and I have a fresh 1.3.1 map only plugins are world edit, and my own which, in general has not interface with general block placement.
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    This has been happening to me as well, if I understand correctly. I'll go to place a line of dirt... Place one, okay. Place the second, directly adjacent to the first... And they both disappear. Happens quite frequently.

    I've also been noticed lag... When I place blocks. I know that sounds weird, but the server freezes up every couple block places. No block logging plugins, nothing besides WE/WG, Essentials, and PEX/Vault.
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    I figured out the problem long time ago. That's happens because of mod Smart Moving (for me). And that's happens only when you lying (special function of mod) or flying (because you take lying position in air). That's why!
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    My client is completely unmodified...
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    I said "for me", so, then, I don't know.
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    I suggest that when this bug appear, take /stoplag
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