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    Plugin category: Mechanics/Fun/Roleplaying

    Suggested name: BubbleThisr

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that makes it so there is thirst in the game, but I want it to show up on the oxygen bubbles for drowning. When you die/respawn your bubbles are set to full, and go down 1 every minute. When they are all gone, you start taking damage, half a heart every 5 seconds. When you are at half thirst it will say in blue "I'm starting to get a bit thirst" and then when you are at 2 bubbles it will say "I should probably get some water soon!" in blue text. To drown, it has the same timer as normal but there is no warning with the bubbles, but in text it says "Get to the surface quick!"

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed.

    When I'd like it by: This week?
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    Forgive me if I am wrong but aren't the bubbles handled client side?
    You would probably need SpoutCraft/Spout.

    Edit: Maybe I should add. You can modify the users air left etc but they won't visually see the bubbles on their GUI.
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    I believe it is possible :confused: Isn't there a getAir method? I will look it up
    Found the method. It's getRemainingAir().
    Since I like the idea I will create a test. It doesn't mean i'm taking your request. It just means I will make a test for me based on your request. If it works as you want, I will post it on mediafire for you.
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    I hope so... I actually need this plugin as well. :)
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    Omg I just noticed :confused: Samkio! Lol xD
    Anyways he was right bubbles are client sided so I'm going to make my own version of this :p Sorry


    I will make a bar on the left in light blue and black(spent water)
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    Samiko, they will see it on their client. The Minez server controls the air as thirst, and it works fine on the client and server side.
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    Don't they use the level for thirst?
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    Anybody know how to make it though? and oman, minez doesn't use the air bubbles as thirst.

    I want air bubbles, not level number.

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    What happens when they go under water :O, hmm problems arise!

    Edit: Not arise.. descend ;P
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    The only way I could see this working is that somehow you could send a packet to the persons client telling them that they're underwater. And then change their air seperately. Or something like that :p
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    Yeah, I've been trying to look into this.
    I also need this as well, and would really like to see it made.
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    su su su samkio bro :)
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    umm, i...... LOVE YOU!
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    If you cant control the air bubbles you could send them a chat instead =D
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    Stupid cat, always walking over my keyboard.
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    I'm pretty sure there already are plugins doing this in chat instead of with air bubbles, why don't you look into that?
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    air bubbles is what I need.
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    *facepalm* it's been made apparent that it is not going to happen with bukkit. Check out spout or go with the other alternatives. Air bubbles would be an annoyance to work with. Plus, if you were to go underwater it would screw up everything, cause the client would take over the bubbles.
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    you could make it a txt based plugin that sends a colored message evry so often about there water level and on interaction with water the bar gets reset!
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    Can you please read all the other posts before posting yourself? Someone said that a few times now and he said no to it already.

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