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    AFKGod - Godmode while AFK
    Version: v1.0

    When you type /afk you are set as AFK and as such you are unable to be hurt. You cannot move or swing your arm otherwise you will go out of AFK (to stop PvP Cheating).

    • Godmode while AFK
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
    Made for

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    Except for.... I could walk into you as another player and move you, and break your afk :)
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    Perhaps you can fix this by setting your position back to the "afk point" when the player changes location (caused by tnt or something else).
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    Hmm, would you rather the player be frozen (and unable to be hurt) where they are until they type /afk or swing their arm?
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    Personally, I would on /afk, start a 10 second timer that checks if the player is being hurt, if the players health changes then remove them from the hash, and cancel the timer, if they complete the timer, then give them god mode.

    The next part is tricky, because you don't want to use on player move, you should look for arm swing, chat, or other features to disable the god mode. I don't know if you can "freeze" the player.
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    Should be set to disable player move (if possible) until they type /afk or talk in chat.
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    eh, its glitched up too much anyway >_> i'll need to redesign it as if another person afk's you get their health once you un-afk
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    Plugin labelled as BROKEN as requested, please report this post when you've got a working build ready and it will be re-opened.
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