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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by NickGames8029, Aug 8, 2021.

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    Hello! I know this is A LOT to do for this website. Because most of the times you request a simple plugin but this is kind of a large one and i don't expect anyone to make it but.

    I wanna have this:

    /practice -> Goes to where ever the practice spawn is.
    /practicepos1 -> For where the gold blocks begins
    /practicepos2 -> For where the gold blocks ends.


    What i would like: I would like that it is almost a exact copy! That would be really cool.
    And like if you change to bridge mode that it automatically removes the gold blocks.
    Just exact like the video please!

    Thank you!!!
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    What would the permissions be used for?
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    Uhm practice .setspawn is for the place you spawn when you run /practice. practice.go will be the permission to use /practice
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    I don't wanna be rude, But the plugins you linked are FAR away from what i would like. For example. The MLG thing isn't gonna work like on Hypixel. So no. The plugins i request DO NOT exist.
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    ok... but it is not neccessary for u to make ur server like hypixel.. BTW plzz give ur Discord so that i can connect easily with u
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    You should take a look at my server, Then you will understand why i need stuff as good as possible. And almost exactly like Hypixel. ;)
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    No I just suggested for you to get new ideas and inspiration... Btw I m now working on the MLG practice plugin although I don't have not tried making any plugin like this minigame before... But if anyone experienced is watching this thread you are free to make this!!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @NickGames8029 Check the top right corner of your screen.
    You got a warning that you keep ignoring.
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    here it is.... i added more features to it.. like players can choose the height of the platform (3 options), size of platform(1x1, 3x3, 5x5).... player will have 3 minutes to do as many MLG as they can and they will get score (which also depends on what height the platform is)... they can also choose either water or ladder to MLG...permissions are added according to what u said... people can use these commands:
    /mlgpractice: quick join an arena
    /mlgpractice join: quick join
    /mlgpractice leave: leave the game.. in which u r
    /mlgpractice stats: check ur stats

    /mlgadmin addmap: make a new map... u will have to choose the finish point of the arena(tool will be given to u)
    /mlgadmin setlobby: set the lobby
    Note: please set the lobby and first arena as soon as possible or using join command will result in the plugin throwing error in the console....(it was taking so much time being a plugin req only.. so i decided to leave it as it is.. sorry for that)

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