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    joshua katz

    Hello I am gravypod!
    I would like to start a community movement called "Brakket"[meaning​
    to associate together]. Brakket is going to be a team of Bukkit plugin developers. It will aim to make most of the things that is thought to not be possible well.... possible :D. I am trying to find some devs to help me with this goal! If you would like to help add me on skype [my username is gpodkatz] or pm me on Bukkit Forums [you have that :p]! If you have ANY programming knowledge I would urge you to contact me. This is a community project so what would it be if I didn't include the community! If you have a plugin you want made post it in a comment!​

    My ideas:

    Members of the team:
    - Azumikkel [his youtube]
    - Me
    - Malchus
    - Darklust

    Have a nice day and thanks for reading!​

    -Joshua Katz​
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    What will you be contributing to this team?
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    joshua katz

    Id bring my leadership skills, a few friends that could help with programming, and overall make everyone have fun :D
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    IDave the Rave

    Do you have any programming knowledge? Also do you have any ideas for plugins you want to be developed?
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    joshua katz

    I have small knowledge of programming. I am good with shells but thats about it :/. I had a few ideas.
    1. a "core" plugin that all other plugins we make can leach off of. [like command helper does with world edit]
    2. Id also want to bring back a few out dated plugins that have become outdated. [one being uquest]
    3. Make a few poles to find out what next!
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    Good luck with that...
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    Best of luck, I hope this isn't just an imitation of Bukkit trying to compete against an already thriving community.
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    Wait... So its a Dev Team? or a Community Like Bukkits?
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    Gravy You Troll xD

    If you are wanting a dev team meh
    if you want to make a comunity ... Just make a Sub_ comunity on this forums :D

    Come onto Mumble more xD
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    joshua katz

    A dev team :D. Still no one wants to join... what about u rob?
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    Theres so many dev teams and the end up dying out... Unless you can suppor the devs with something that no one else could get there hands on like a Good idea. Example Bukkit came up with CraftBukkit project. = Win.
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    @joshua katz
    It's an interesting idea, yes, but I think if you want to bring more people into your group, you should perhaps set some goals. Try enticing people to join by giving a goal you hope to accomplish together, something people can rally around.
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    Would the Brakkit team be closely intertwined with the Bukkit development?
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    joshua katz

    @Malchus I don't know but i would like it :p

    Okay the first project would be to create a "Main" plugin to use as a core, or in other words, something for all the other plugins we make to leach off of. Next id like to make a .bat/.sh file runner [like cron]. It would be very usefull to people with windows or without experience. Next id like to make a something like uQest/ update uQuest and fix its errors. Third id want to make a plugin-getter were plugin developers could go and upload wget friendly links, with one in-game command the plugin-getter would tell you the average load time before install and a projected average load time. It would also let the dev upload a pre-made config file and when all plugins are updated to support a CB build it will prompt to update! After all that I would love to make a command-book/essentials like plugin, there are alot of them but they are mostly bloated [sorry khobbits, there is going to be another result for essential XD].

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    You're basically saying you want to create a Think Tank.
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    This has been amusing to watch, but I'll spoil the beans for you.

    You've shown no ability to program plugins yourself.
    You've shown no particular leadership skills.
    You've shown no ability to clearly describe the direction you wish this team to take.
    You haven't even shown clear communication skills.

    All that combined means no developer will want to join your team.
    Prospective members known the team will either go nowhere, or they'll be pulling all weight.
    Hence you've not received any applications.

    Teams work when all members are able to contribute something significant to the team.
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    Me agrees. Majorly. I belive OP is setting too many goals with so little shown-skill.
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    joshua katz

    No, a dev team :p. We will make stuff for the community for the majority.
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