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    There's alot of servers with mini-games called brackets, but admin needs to host it!
    Thats why i'd like that someone makes plugin for it! :)

    Brackets mini-game goes like this:

    First, players warp to the arena and they go to places like this:


    Then admin teleports TWO players at the time and they fight with pvp kits, winner continues to thea next round and goes back to that kind of place to wait for his turn.

    Players fight like this:


    When two players are ready to fight, admin lowers those iron blocks and then they can start killing each other. And this continues until there's two players left then the winner gets reward like money.

    Here's little video how brackets basicly works(I'll make video later to really show how this works):

    So i'd want plugin wich teleports two players at the time to these fighting areas from waiting place's, gives them kit. And teleports back to waiting area when opponent dies and then they are waiting for the next round. Winner gets some money. This should support like 30 player "tournaments" :) Plugin should also broadcast who are fighting and wich one of them won.
    Also it would be cool if it teleports to spectate point if you die.
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    Essentially, this is a plugin that is a PvP arena, but out of the 20 (example) people in the boxes, 2 get let out at a time?
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    Yes just like that, and then winner goes to "next round" with other winners and then they fight. Two at a time. ;)
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    APPLEisROP I was actually making a plugin like this for my own server, i can post it here when i'm finished if you want.
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