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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ninjaturtlez12341234, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. How do i make prefixes and suffixses using bpermissions.
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    You don't. You need mChat / Herochat for that.
  3. -_- that doesnt answer my question. "How do i make prefixes and suffixes"
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    It helps if you read the post - generally all of your questions will be answered there. Let me copy/paste for you so you don't have to install a browser.

    The format is prefix/suffix.priority(int).suffixhere

    etc etc etc. The prefix is available via the api through the InfoReader class. This can be accessed statically through Permissions.getInfoReader(); The higher the number, the higher the priority, so if someone has prefix.0.whatever and prefix.10.thisisit their prefix will be "thisisit". bInfo v2 color codes are also supported in the permission string, though not recommended if you use any other chat plugin.

    These are permission nodes, you place them in a groups.Groups are a set of permission nodes which you give to players. This is all explained on the bPermissions post.
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