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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by hitech95, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Hello guys,
    I'm looking for developers who can contribute to the development of my project.

    At this time I have developed much of the plugin. Now I have to complete it.

    I am close to release a test version, so that users can send errors.

    I am attaching the link to the project. Obviously it is on github so that anyone who wants to contribute can do so quickly and easily.

    Bukkit Dev:

    I invite you to check the Readme to see what are the things that have not been implemented or that require correction of equipment.

    So if you're a developer contribute to this little project.

    Thanks again, hitech95
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    Seems like a fun task. I would like to help!
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    Wrong section if I'm correct, goes in the WIP section.
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    I have no Idea, i'm sorry for my mistake.

    I have just updated the source and released the first alpha/testing-release.
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    Just wait for someone to move it to the correct section.
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    Still waiting for a moderator.

    I'm working on Boss Bar and ScoreBoard!

    Can someone teach me how to use the Reflection?
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    Small update: Auto Build Server (Jenkins) and now is beta!

    Still waiting for a moderator.
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