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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by pale1, Jan 31, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Fun, Mechanics, Economy

    Suggested name: SimpleBounty

    What I want:
    This plugin should make it possible to set a bounty on a player so when a player is killed, the killer receives a bounty.

    The plugin should work like this:
    UserA would type a command to put a bounty on UserB. The message is broadcasted across the server. Then when UserC kills UserB, UserC receives the bounty that was put on UserB

    How the config should be:
    BountyBroadcast: '<message>' (This is the message that every sees when a bounty is placed on someone)
    BountyComplete: '<message>' (This message is broadcasted when someone claims the bounty)
    NoMoney: '<message>' (The message you get when you don't have enough money to set the bounty)
    BountyHeading: '<heading>' (The heading placed on the list of bounties)
    BountyList: '<message>' (The format for the way the message should look in chat under the heading'
    The config should have a few variables for the user who placed the bounty, the user who the bounty was placed on, the amount of money, etc.

    I should also be able to use color codes in the config file

    Bounty Broadcast example:

    Bounty List example: ("Heading" on top, "Bounty List" on the bottom)
    Ideas for commands:
    /bounty <user> <amount> (Puts a bounty on a certain user)
    /bounty list (Lists all available bounties)
    /bounty reload

    Ideas for permissions:
    - simplebounty.placebounty (Place a bounty on a user)
    - simplebounty.bountylist (view the bounty list)
    - simplebounty.reload (reload the config)

    When I'd like it by: Sometime next week.
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    @pale1 I have a version of this plugin that I made for my own server, I would be willing to give it to you if you would like. The only differences are the colors and bounties show up on the scoreboard. Just reply to me and I can send you a link
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    @killerbigmacs I would be interested in checking it out. Thanks :D
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Unlocked on request.
    @pale1 If you want a thread to remain open then please keep using it
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    Thank you for that.
  13. My plugin 'PlayerBounties' should work, it is a little hard to config and it doesn't have a list yet but I am updating it! It should work for now!
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    I don't know if that works for me. I kind of want to get this plugin custom coded.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Why do you need one custom coded? It doesn't add anything.
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    All the plugins that have been listed either have a problem with them (one displays player ids instead of usernames) or are missing a feature I requested. Others have very few customization features, which I really don't like.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    That says that you haven't tried it yet.
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    But I have tho...

    Also "I don't know if that works for me" is a way of saying "I don't think it works for me". You seem to have taken the phrase too literally
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    We're developers, literal is how we make things work.
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    But this is a spoken language, not a programming language .-.
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    @pale1 We still take things literally.
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    Well we get the point now xD
    Can someone get this plugin tho?
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    @pale1 Coding this right now....

    Also needed:

    Haven't tested it because I can't right now... I'm at school so I only have a crappy MacBook Pro here :p

    /bounty - List bounties
    /bounty <user> <reward> - Set a bounty on <user>

    EDIT 2:
    Added permissions (build 4 or higher)
    /bounty: simplebounty.get
    /bounty <user> <reward>: simplebounty.set
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    Sorry I havent checked this in a while! Thanks so much <3

    EDIT: It doesnt work ;-;
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  25. @pale1 Why exactly won't mine "cut it", rather than getting yet another bounty plugin why not suggest improvements to the many available.
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    For me, I really appreciate the ability to customize plugins. I didnt think your plugin was right for me since there was no easy way for me to customize it.

    The reason why I have been asking for another plugin to be made is because of this:
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    There's less of a chance of them getting implemented than if I just make a post.
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    @pale1 This is getting offtopic. I just going to end it with:
    It seems that @bwfcwalshy seems to be accepting to edit his plugin to your improvement ideas.
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    @pale1 @nverdier This is a plugin idea that i can see myself using in the future. I will make you this plugin and you will be able to set everyting in game with commands; you wont even have to open the config.yml. i've got college but by thursday i will have this plugin uploaded!

    dam you posted this request in january lol i would expect someone makeit by now thats crazy
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