Boss monsters! (Without any actual mobs)

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    I was messing around with Craftbook's toggleable area feature lately, and i got an idea from it
    If someone could code a plugin that allows you to make special boss monsters out of blocks that would be awesome. Parts wold recieve damage based on what kind of block they are, as an example a monster with an exoskeleton make of obsidian would only recieve 1 point of damage when attacked with a diamond pick, and other stuff would just bounce off. And a golem/robot/something made of wood would recieve damage from everything but axes would deal increased damage to health of monster
    Making a sample monster :
    1. You find a good place for your monster and make its body
    2. You make a cuboid selection to choose the monster
    3. You say the command to create the monster (maybe something like /beast X Y where X is the name of monster and Y is its health)
    4. Then you start editing it to prepare its attack (you can make this part longer and more detailed, but it would lag more, and you can skip preparing part but it would leave players unprepared)
    5. You say /beast attack X phaseY (where X is attack name and Y is attack's phase, as an example phase1 is preparing for attack and phase2 is actual attack)(Glass woudn't be saved to help making certain attacks like lava breath)
    6. You repeat 4th and 5th steps until monster has enough attacks
    7. (Optional) You make a cuboid selection and say /beast lair to set a lair for current monster
    8. (Optional) you edit a part of beast's lair to your bidding and say /beast random X phaseY (Its pretty much same with regular attack but the effect happens in a random area inside the lair, it could be sand falling from sky, lava erupting from source, or even a hole that leads to bedrock level right under a player)
    9. (Optional) You can use same name for a random event inside lair and an attack from monster to make them trigger at same time
    10. You set the reward by saying /beast bounty X Y (where X is item id and Y is amount, you can add multiple rewards to same monster and reward items will be shared upon those that damaged the monster, and those that damaged the most will recieve more rewards)
    11. You say /beast complete to finish the monster
    And an example battle if you didnt get it
    A group of adventurers spelunk in a really deep and lava-filled cave, and they come across a giant lava lake with a dragon statue made of obsidian. They notice that dragon's eyes and certain parts are made of diamond blocks and they decide to mine them, but as soon as they approach the statue its mouth opens up. Adventurers stare at it in a surprised state and back off a little bit, and dragon statue breaths lava into the ground and one of adventurers burn in it. Others try to run away but only one of them stays in there to fight the dragon. And then dragon strikes the ground with its claw (It rises its claw first then hits the ground, so there are 2 phases of the attack) and lava pours down from the ceiling on top of the coward adventurers before they can leave. The only brave one left in charges at dragon but dragon mauls him with its claw (It would be made of obsidian and it would be filled with lava, so both suffocation and lava damage, deadly :3) but adventurer manages to eat a golden apple just in time and climbs into dragon's head and strikes the dragon's eye with a diamond pick to break it and kill the dragon.
    First of all, monsters made with this way wouldnt be able to turn around until someone finds a way (MoveCraft modders are working on that i guess) and they wouldn't move around until that is made. And any attack made to their parts using a weapon would reduce the monster's health and instantly cancel the breaking action to prevent holes in monster's body except special conditions. And monsters shouldn't jus attack randomly when players aren't around. I think hard parts would be the random actions and health setup, but i dont know a thing about coding, im just assuming because i made a manual version of that dragon i talked about using Craftbook long time ago via toggleable areas. And of course something big like this would have permissions support.
    If you're a good coder and believe that you can make something like this, i think everyone would like this idea (+ i would make monsters like crazy dedicated to you :3)
    PS : I didn't exactly explain what i wanted to, so i will try to make a youtube video for it. English is a foreign language for me
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    thats a nice idea.
    actually, only, i think it would be a hell to code.
    i dont know, because im not a coder.
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    Codex Arcanum

    Sounds incredible.

    ...but incredibly hard to code.
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    Craftbook already allows toggleable areas, so only things to code is randomizing these area toggles, adding a way to calculate monster's health and the reward system. I don't know, im not a coder either but it somehow doesn't sound that hard to code. I hope an experienced plugin developer shares his/her opinion soon. Thanks for the feedback! [​IMG]
  5. So if i'm right you want something like this:
    • Place some blocks to form a monster
    • Players need to destroy 'the monster' (all the blocks)
    • The Monster won't attack back?
    • Once you killed it (destroyed all the blocks) then what..?
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    Players dont destroy the monster, they just left click on any of monster's parts with any tool, but tools would deal more or less damage based on material monster is made of. And it would attack with randomized area toggles, like in regular state something like a dragon just stands there, and when it attacks its claw would move forward, and cage anyone that was standing in the place which monster is going to attack, and make them take suffocation damage. You could fill the claw with lava to increase deadliness. But of course, these attacks wouldn't focus on the player. They would affect the specific area for the attack. And once you kill it, i guess it could turn into stone and everyone who helped figthting the monster would get a reward based on how much damage they dealt. So, you won't be able to destroy monster's blocks except specified blocks (I dunno, lapiz lazuli or clay?).

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