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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by kreashenz, Feb 1, 2013.

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    Is it possible to hold 2 public booleans , one for normal player ( deopped players ) help, and one for admin help ( opped players ).
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    What do you mean?

    Of course, you can hold thousands upon thousands of booleans for whatever you which.

    What are you trying to accomplsih
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    I'm trying to make 2 set of commands, one for admins, and one for normal players. Would i be able to put 2 public booleans, or would one be public and the other private or something like that .
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    You want to store commands inside of a boolean?

    a boolean is true of false remember? dont you mean a HashMap or ArrayList?

    the difference between private and public is really simple, public fields can be accessed from orther classes and private fields cant (unless you use reflection)
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    I think he means to set permissions, so he has permissions for the admin group and permissions for normal group.
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    Im not sure what he wants.
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    Ok, well you guys didn't help me , but I found the answer..

    Yes this guy is correct.

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