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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by es359, Oct 31, 2014.

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    Currently in the book Store right now, and my question is, What are every ones favorite Software Books are? (Currently looking at java and sql atm). Post below the ones in your own experience will have greater information.
  2. es359
    Java For Dummies.
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    Le me no read books [cake]
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    Clearly you didn't read the tittle.
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    I find learning programming from books to be hilarious. To me it seems like a computer illiterate person trying to do something out of their league. It's an opinion, you're welcome to yours just as I am welcome to mine.
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    I know how to use other tools... Such as the internet. However, I believe you can't beat a good book. You don't always have a computer with you. Next best thing: Paper.
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    You're not going to be able to reference paper as fast as you can Google something, or check the API docs.
    Besides that, it's not something most people can just read and know, it's one of those "practice makes perfect" type of things. If you just read it on paper then you'll have to go back to that paper when you want to use it, IF you even piece together that that's what you need to know to achieve your goal.

    I feel the same way about YouTube tutorials on programming.

    You just have to jump in the lake and figure out how to swim as you go.

    Another thing, a lot of people have different ways they personally like to do something. For instance, Bob might make different dynamic variables with multiple types whereas Joe would create a class to store the relative variables. Both are reasonable to do, different methods with the same outcome and the difference in efficiency would be minuscule.
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    My favorite is a playboy magazine
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    Barinade Due to the fact that the knowledge contained in books is not free, and some of these books have great stuff in them. Yeah I'm sure you can find it on PDF or kindle or whatever, but thats even worse. If I have the book sitting right in front of me with all my notes inside I find that extremely efficient.

    victor2748 Get lost.
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