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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Andromedia13, Apr 27, 2011.

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    It would be awesome to be able to have a spleef-like plugin for bomberman.

    Watch this video,

    If people could join games, and the arena could reset after every game, that's a plugin I'd donate to.
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    Nice idea, think the most simple version of this is a plugin that disables tnt player damage in a certain area and make the block damage configurable.
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    Tnt being able to kill you is part of the game dynamic, gotta hide behind the obsidian.

    Could TNT be made to explode in specific directions?

    For anyone that doesn't know the Bomberman gameplay, I suggest you youtube it.
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    Oh yeah, i forgot about that. Hmm, i think you got to override the whole damage system then.
    I played the real bomberman, and there you would die when you got hit by the blast. Is that something that its supposed to do?
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    Yeah, pretty much I'd just be happy with a pvp system that allows people to join/leave arenas, and it will repair the arena after all the players have been killed, or there is only one player/team left.

    This could open the door to a lot of interesting pvp arenas. :)
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    This really has potential! A complete plugin with a limited number of bombs you can place, directional explosions, items (speedboosts, more bombs etc.) would make this a great, great plugin. Anyone planning to do this?
    Because I'm not going to learn java at the moment... :p

    And I think making the tnt explode like in bomberman wouldn't even be such a problem: Make the tnt leave fire-trails and make contact with fire result in death. Sounds simple to me.
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    I'm glad people are still interested in this...

    I made the original request for a plugin for this over on the hMod forums, and while I think the person who wrote the original hMod plugin was on the right track, there were also major issues with it.

    I hope the Bukkit community will give this idea some love and make this a plugin someday soon....
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    +1 like the idea, would be super awesome fun with this one
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    So to make this really simple:

    in an arena (player specify the area)

    You put tnt and it auto ignites, taking the standard bomberman time to detonate. Now when it detonates, it clears X of the blocks that are not blocked by obsidian, but it just "booms" does no damage and instead leaves a fire trail on all the blocks it destroyed. If a player gets in contact with the fire trail, they lose one life (or instantly die).

    Then IF thats possible maybe give bonuses like if you break the stone there is a X chance that you get 1. more speed, 2. more bombs (if we can limit that somehow) and 3. better explosives :D

    Would that be do'able?

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