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    First of, this project is not identical to yours. Most of the code in the project is made and written by me. I am not saying I have made everything as that wouldnt be true but I have most certainly made more then 80% most likely more then 90% of this (Without counting the block images for which I have given credit inside of the project ). Just because something is similar doesn't mean its identical.

    In no way ever, can you ever say I am not allowed to use Data Tables and in no way did I ever copy it from yours. The fact that you telling me that I am not allowed to use something that doesn't even belong to you is ridiculous. You have no right to restrict me of using that layout, why? You don't own it.

    Lolmewn suggested that I use data tables. Look near the begging of the thread to see proof.

    Telling me that I'm not allowed to use free and open tools/snippets available to everyone is like me telling you "Your coping me! Your using bootstrap!". If anyone of those actually belong to you, I would remove it. But the fact remains, you do not Own any of these. Both of those tools/snippets are released under the MIT license. Both you and me have equal rights to use it.

    As you do not own the code shared at http://bootdey.com/snippets/view/Dashboard-user-128 nor own datatables or bootstrap, I have not requirement to remove any of the code I have taken DIRECTLY from those sources.

    Also, to finish things of, Please look at your sources and information you have. Don't go accusing other people for coping your things without further research.

    If you truly think that Data Tables and the Circle tiles belong to you, DMCA is you friend

    If anyone wants to help on Blue Stats 3 I would be extremely grateful!

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    Great web UI! I can't help to notice that the "Richisity" value is off. I have checked the actual value inside the database which is defaulted/started at 500, however on the UI it is a number generally in the 3000 range.
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    @povax That's probably due to Stats checking the money of players in every world there is, and the web-end adding them up.
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    @Lolmewn I have double check the values within the database (under the table: Stats_player) and the money is logged with the correct in game values. The UI on the other hand displays a rather high number instead of what is found in the database. Money is configured in such a way that it is server wide and not world specific.
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    Stats saves money per world. So there's by default, 3 columns for each player in every stat. That includes the money stats. I would really just recommend to disable the stat in the BlueStats configs. Should be in /config/player.php

    I have really stopped developing/fixing BlueStats2 and have been working on BlueStats3
    So I might at some point make a stats2 plugin for BlueStats3
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    Hey guys,
    When I try to load the page I get the "500 Not Found" error which I can understand that is a problem with .htaccess file. When I rename the .htaccess to something else, the page loads without any problem (but I have to set the rewrite to false in config, otherwise main page loads but other pages such as highscores or player etc.. wont load, it says page not found for those pages). so I can assume that I have to figure out to fix the .htaccess file in order to turn on the rewrite so that the url will work.

    For now I renamed the .htaccess file to something else and I turned off the rewrite option just so that the stats page works.
    How to get the .htaccess work? so that I can turn on the rewrite option in config so that the URL of pages will work and be short and clean.

    Here is my .htaccess config as for now:

    RewriteBase /stats/
    Options +FollowSymLinks
    RewriteRule css/(.*).css$ css/$1.css
    RewriteRule ajax/ ajax/call.php
    RewriteRule images/blocks/(.*).png images/blocks/$1.png
    RewriteRule (.*)/(.*)/$ index.php?page=$1&player=$2    [L,QSA]
    RewriteRule (.*)/$ index.php?page=$1 [L,QSA]
    I saw in first page someone said they had this problem as well and needed to add rewritebase in .htaccess. I did that too but still it didn't work.

    RewriteBase /stats/
    Options +FollowSymLinks
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule css/(.*).css$ css/$1.css
    RewriteRule ajax/ ajax/call.php
    RewriteRule images/blocks/(.*).png images/blocks/$1.png
    RewriteRule (.*)/(.*)/$ index.php?page=$1&player=$2    [L,QSA]
    RewriteRule (.*)/$ index.php?page=$1 [L,QSA]
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    What server software are you running?
    If you are using apache, make use htacess files are allowed and enabled

    Only set rewrite to false if you have problems with the htaccess. If you turn on the option, you will have to delete the htaccess.
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    Thanks. I fixed it by deleting the .htaccess and turn rewrite off.
    Best Stats Web Interface I've ever seen.

    @GodsDead Dude you are serious?! This guy @robinp7720 spend days and months making this very awesome and unique Stats page.

    Not trying to be mean, no offense Mr GodsDead, but I saw your stats page and it has a lot of bugs and its completely copied from open source site (http://bootdey.com/snippets/view/Dashboard-user-128) everyone already know!

    You just didn't have to let everyone know that you couldn't come up with new idea and just straight copied that bootstrap and changed some colors and like add some random pages like maps ?!! Seriously what dynmap maps has to do with stats page?!! XD

    Then in the footer you ask people to donate (buy me a beer) like you 100% own the code?

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    @drwolax, depedin on how the MIT license is (and I have to check) without any major modifications asking for donations might actually be illegal.

    EDIT: Nope, they allow proriatary, but you do need their licence in the program.
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    The MIT license allows full use and redistribution as long as the licence is included with the works. And many people use bootstrap, datatables and other mit licansed works and accept donations
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    @robinp7720, just wasn't sure. I usually avoid premade APIs because I like getting the experience that was needed to make it.
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    Its certainly good to know how the things you use work! But like everyone says, why reinvent the wheel?
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    @robinp7720, because it makes me a better programmer.
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    I have basically given up with my machine...
    There is always some critical missing niche package that doesn't want to work for reasons unknown.

    Please install mysqlnd!
    >yum install php-mysqlnd
    Error: php55w-mysql conflicts with php55w-mysqlnd-5.5.24-1.w6.x86_64

    I don't even anymore.


    Also, what's up with BlueStats 3?
    Is it meant to be available for testing?
    It seems to be missing a lot of core files that make it run.
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    Uninstalling php-mysql would probably fix the issue.

    BlueStats 3 is made to work with Stats 3 not Stats 2
    Also for it to install, you must go to /install directory first with your browser
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    Ah that did the trick!
    Sorry about earlier, if I were any more awake I would have checked the logs and figured out that it wasn't creating config.php due to directory/file permissions issues.

    I thought uninstalling mysql was going to cause WW3, but it did not..
    Thankfully mysqlnd installed without any issue after that.

    ...Now only if stats 3 was a little less broken.. lol.
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    What doesnt work in BlueStats 3?
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    The kills/deaths section is a bit confusing..

    PvP deaths was actually counting how many kills the player had, so I changed that to PvP Kills.
    There wasn't a pvp deaths counter, had to add that in:

    if ($stat == "pvp_deaths"){
    $stat2 "pvp";
    $sql "SELECT sum(value) as value FROM {$this->prefix}{$stat2} WHERE victim=? GROUP BY victim";
    (though I can't figure out how to pass the uuid into getStats so you can sort by uuid/victim)

    The archenemy picture url was not working (404)
    (changed https://minotar.net/helm/arrowgirlplayzmc/ to "https://minotar.net/helm/)

    Last seen always says "Never".

    Other than those things, I really love how it all works :)

    The stats plugin itself though... I had to change the "time" column in the pvp table from timestamp to a varchar for it to work.. else it would claim the time is invalid and would spew errors.
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    Hi Robin!
    BlueStats need help with, and installed and configured with the database but not as configured to receive information lolmewnstats plug.
    If you could help me I would appreciate it.

    Sorry for my English.

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    You have to configure the settings in the BlueStats_config table
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    How ?
    I already put the LolmewnStat plugin in my server.
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    En la pestaña de navegación, haga doble clic en el valor que desea cambiar y escriba el nuevo valor.
    En "MYSQL_username" escribes el nombre de usuario mysql.
    En "MYSQL_password" escribes la contraseña mysql.
    En "MYSQL_prefix" escribes la prefija de tabla.
    En "MYSQL_host" escribes el huésped mysql.
    En "MYSQL_database" escribes la base de datos mysql.
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    There is some video tutorial? Do not understand where this information is located on the navigation tab.
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    I'd recommend to wait until stats 3 and BlueStats 3 a are fully out and finished. Use BlueStats 2 and stats 2 until I have BlueStats 3 finished
  25. This is a very neat stats plugin, I am currently using fluidstats, but it does not look as neat as bluestats - so I would like to make the move.

    This is my website: http://gonzodark.com/stats/ and I am getting the following error:

    "Unknown error: [2] json_encode(): Invalid UTF-8 sequence in argument. File:/.../stats/classes/main.class.php Line:144"

    I am living in Denmark, so I though that might be related to my bug, so I added this to the top of my index file: date_default_timezone_set('Denmark/Copenhagen');

    but still no cigar.

    All of my menus are also not linked, I am not sure how to fix either problem.
    So if someone can help me with my invalid UTF-8 sequence problem and my menu problem, then that will be much appreciated.

    A little information about my setup: I am running both my sqldatabase and the web-interface from a raspberry pi, I do have php5-mysqlnd installed and I am using lolmewnstats v. 2.0.0.


    The newest version has fixed the bugs above.
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    Hi, I have a big problem: (I hide latest numbers of the database IP)

    Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (HY000/2003): Can't connect to MySQL server on '212.129.xxx.xxx' (110) in /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/install/install.php on line 26
    Warning: mysqli::query(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/install/install.php on line 32
    Warning: mysqli::query(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/install/install.php on line 35
    Warning: mysqli::query(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/install/install.php on line 45
    Warning: mysqli::query(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/install/install.php on line 50
    Warning: mysqli::query(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/install/install.php on line 54
    BlueStats has been installed
    Could you help me please? The database connection works great. It was on an external machine, my server (stats plugin)) can create tables in it. I test it with HeidiSQL on my computer and I can see tables. Is it a bug with Bluestats3?

    Thank you so much if you can help me
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    Blue stats currently only supports MySQL databases and I don't plan on supporting any other SQL database software
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    Oh really :O but Why?

    I contact my host and they confirm that their server was Mysql and not MYSQLi... So how I can do make this AWESOME panel web-end works great ?

    I try to use my webhost database server, but now I see:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method mysqli_stmt::get_result() in /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/admin/parts/plugins.php on line 17
    in the admin panel......

    On the website:
    Notice: fwrite(): send of 7 bytes failed with errno=1 Operation not permitted in /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/plugins/query/minecraftQuery.php on line 57
    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'xPaw\MinecraftQueryException' with message 'Failed to write on socket.' in /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/plugins/query/minecraftQuery.php:39 Stack trace: #0 /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/plugins/query/core.php(21): xPaw\MinecraftQuery->Connect('', '25565') #1 /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/index.php(50): query->__construct(Object(mysqli)) #2 {main} thrown in /home/blocs234/public_html/stats/plugins/query/minecraftQuery.php on line 39
    I edit the bluestats config inside phpmyadmin, nothing changed...


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    Mysqli is the new method for php to talk to mysql databases.

    Install mysqlnd, the installer should have told you to do so.
    and for the second problem, either disable the query plugin for bluestats or enable the use of sockets in the php configs.

    If you use a host, contact them. They will probably be able to do both of these things.
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    How does it grab information from in-game? Do I need a plugin for the server as-well?
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