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    I need some testers for the latest dev build of BlueStats! I would love if you guys could help!
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    Yep I gave up and moved to BootStrap..
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    Great web interface, I really like it.

    Just have a few bugs here. For some reason, my player stats doesnt show anything, its just blank. I did the debug, no information comes up about anything being wrong. However, this error:
    Warning: file_put_contents(/home/www/blue/cache/items.json): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/www/blue/classes/main.class.php on line 215
    appears on every page with the debugger active. I assume this would have something to do with the player stats not showing up maybe?

    Any help on fixing this would be greatly appreciated. (Also, I would like to know where the tabs code is so I can change the names of Tracker to Online Players or something.

    Thanks in advance. Zen

    Here is my site so far: http://www.honorserver.com/blue/
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    Im getting this error Unknown error: [2] file_put_contents(C:\xampp\htdocs/cache/items.json): failed to open stream: No such file or directory. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\classes\main.class.php Line:214

    Any ideas? Im running it on Xampp.
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    The cache folder must have write permissions

    :confused: Not right at all! SO sorry! Fixed in the latest release! :)
    Also, Id like if you wouldn't change/remove the links in the footer as that is a violation of the lisance Thanks
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    Weird. There was no cache folder in the blue stats directory. I created one and it all works now.
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    The pages are created in index.php with this function:
    also to add more blocks to the block list just add more items to the items.json file in the cache folder. If the cache folder cache folder doesnt exist, create it and open the site once. The items.json file should be automatically filled.
    Hmm ok! thanks for letting me know
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    Sorry about that, is just temporary till I can get a good theme layout four the stats site. I will be adding the URL's back shortly. (Done)
    Also, I haven't gotten an answer about the per-player info page not loading.

    You might want to notify http://www.creativecrafts.fr/bluestats/ then as they remove the footer completely. I noticed this when trying to figure out a theme layout.

    Two other things.
    1) Any info on where the tabs information is located. Trying to rename a couple of them, etc.

    2) Im not sure if this is the statistics plugin or the web interface but the money data seems to be wrong. I have been using CraftConomy3 for my money database and from the in-game signs the money shows up correctly, but on the website seems to be skyrocketing.

    ex. My stats according to the ingame signs via [Stats], my databse according to phpmyadmin, and commands is $80650. On the website its currently: $887150. Is this my error or something plugin/web side? I do have multiple worlds which I at first thought would be the issue, not not so sure. This is not only me, but every player.
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    check my last post for where the pages are defined. For the per player stats, could you please enable error reporting/debug mode in the interface so I can look at it. The problem seams to occur when the page tries to create the main page (from the html template) . As for http://www.creativecrafts.fr/bluestats/, They are running an old version of BlueStats the didnt include the footer. Also for the money, the interface sums up the amount of all worlds. This would be a pretty simple change to the way it calculates the money. The problem is because most economy plugins have global economies rather then per world ones.
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    I enabled debug mode, take a look at it any time. Seems to be a couple issues maybe.

    As for global economy, thats what I do. It seems that Stats does every world as shown below. Look at last login time to show the divider between users. The 000-000... are all other dimensions.

    For my economy plugin, the tables look as shown:
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    You either need cURL or need to remove the part that requires it in the title module.
    replace modules/player/title.php with:
    /* Initialize new player */
    $player = new player;

    /* Get player id and name */
    if (!is_numeric($_GET["player"])){
      if (

    if (isset(
        if (
    $online '<span class="label label-success">Online</span>';
    $online '<span class="label label-danger">Offline</span>';
    <div class="page-header">
    Also, I know about the problem, I have it on my own server too. Just haven't gotten around to fix it yet. Also, Id recommend a server favicon/icon :p
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    I have been lazy to do a favicon, I will get to it eventually.

    I forgot I didn't have cURL installed, however I did install it and no change. Trying your second method now.

    EDIT: Your second method worked. Thankyou.

    I know you pull a lot from bootstrap, but any chance in the future to get that into the web css folder. Makes it easier to edit that sort of stuff. ;) Even if its just the buttons, online status, etc.

    I also saw your Github post about graphs not working, hopefully someone can help you with that in the future.
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    You can just overwrite it with another css file, I'll add a css file for the themes to make this easier! Id also recommend removing the link to my server's website in the nav bar :p
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    I will in due time, the new stats page isnt complete yet, so no one really knows about it yet ;)
    Thanks for the help however. You will be hearing from me again when I break something :p Great interface.
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    My web developer was wondering if there is any way to get this data transferred into json. He wants to implement some of the information from your stats page to show on our websites. For example, the PvP kills to be put into json.
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    PvP, Kills and Deaths are already loadable via ajax and json
    The request to get pvp stats would be:

    per player stats arent requestable via json yet but wouldnt be to hard to implement
  19. I am sorry but i get this error...

    Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\classes\main.class.php on line 56
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    Im not in my Computer right now but I think simppy replacing $this with $_this on the line would solve it
  21. This solved it but gives me more now :)
    Unknown error: [8] Undefined index: ping. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\classes\main.class.php Line:82
    Unknown error: [8] Undefined index: useQuery. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\classes\main.class.php Line:56
    Unknown error: [8] Undefined index: useQuery. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\classes\main.class.php Line:121
    Unknown error: [8] Undefined index: useQuery. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\classes\main.class.php Line:127
    Unknown error: [2] include(C:\xampp\htdocs\blue/themes/blue-full/config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\index.php Line:61
    Unknown error: [2] include(): Failed opening 'C:\xampp\htdocs\blue/themes/blue-full/config.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;C:\xampp\php\PEAR'). File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\index.php Line:61
    Unknown error: [2] include(C:\xampp\htdocs\blue/parts/head.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\index.php Line:94
    Unknown error: [2] include(): Failed opening 'C:\xampp\htdocs\blue/parts/head.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;C:\xampp\php\PEAR'). File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\index.php Line:94
    Unknown error: [8] Undefined variable: theme. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\index.php Line:97
    Unknown error: [8] Undefined variable: theme. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\index.php Line:99
    Unknown error: [2] file_get_contents(C:\xampp\htdocs\blue/themes/blue-full/theme.html): failed to open stream: No such file or directory. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\classes\main.class.php Line:317
    Unknown error: [2] file_get_contents(C:\xampp\htdocs\blue/page-templates/home.html): failed to open stream: No such file or directory. File:C:\xampp\htdocs\blue\classes\main.class.php Line:266
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    Either use Linux or change every "/" with a "\" in the includes in index.php
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  23. Okay i will try it! Thank you! :)
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    Gawd, I panicked when this didnt work anymore because of stats 3! Also, you forgot to backup the pvp stats. Also do you not store usernames anymore? It would make web ends much faster and easier as we wouldnt need to cache usernames. The mojang api also isnt exactly the fastest
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    Oh yeah, wups!
    I do store usernames, check Stats_players. There's a UUID->Name list in there that you can use :)
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    Hello, my hosting does not support mysqlnd. Is there any way to make it work?
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    No, but mysqlnd us so common that basicly every webapp uses it. What webhost do you use? I would recommend you to contact them
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    WOAH! What the hell man, you have completely ripped off my custom made minecraft stats panel and opened it up to the public as your own! I noticed you stole my layout for the global top stats completely even stealing my CSS & HTML front-end.

    This developer is copying from my custom made stats UI and claiming it as his own.

    I have actually built my version of the web-ui to work on other servers but havent released it specifically because of people like you that do things just like this.
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    Yes, it might be the same css and html, but only because, I think, this isnt yours either.

    1. Its a pretty common layout. I've seen it on many admin dash boards
    2. Check this out: http://bootdey.com/snippets/view/Dashboard-user-128
    I copied the css from there. not from your stats page/
    3. check at the bottom of the page quote "All snippets are MIT license". This means, You and I are free to use it.
    4. Please don't claim to having made that css & html. Its quiet obvious http://bootdey.com/snippets/view/Dashboard-user-128 is the original source. Your code is also exactly the same as the one sourced here.
    5. https://search.nerdydata.com/code/?...eading&limit=0,10&rank_min=1&rank_max=1000001

    Also, I dont understand how me including this would stop you from releasing yours.
    In my eyes, yours actually looks very nice and don't see why people wouldn't be considering yours over this.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2015
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    The fact that you are developing a project that is identical the project I am developing and DECIDE to use the exact same layout to the T that I have used in my project means you have copied it, Theres a billion ways you could have chosen to layout that information, but what did you do? you looked at the stats UI that I have developed for the same project and you copied it exactly, Infant the more I look the more things I keep noticing, Like using Datatables, You looked at mine, went how does he do this? and copied it, I wouldnt give a toss if I released my project and you were adding to it, the reason I forked the original was because it was broken and crappy, but I had such hell with the developer being a complete and utter twat that I didn't release mine, ive actually made tonnes more progress on MineCraft Web Stats, but its not in any shape to be released, and whats the point anyway if people will just take it, and claim it as their own.
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