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    Plugin category:Machanics
    Suggested name:BloodyLevel
    What I want:
    Players who kill others more will be harder surviving.
    I'm planning a dayz-likr survival server which I want it to be realistic(death drops all) and meanwhile players can't kill others freely, so I've come up with this idea :3
    When a player kills others directly(using weapons or crackshot guns,etc.) ,they'll increase their bloody level by 1. The bloody level ranges from 0(default) to 10(max).
    With higher bloody level ,you'll have a higher priority than others be targeted by mobs, mostly varies kind of zombies. Mobs can also find you in a wider range through your bloody smells, and will run faster if they've seen you.
    The only way to clean your bloody level is death,which will set the bloody level to 0.
    And with higher bloody level, your name color will also changed from green to red.
    None perms and commands this plugin needs, i think ;)
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