Blocks vs Zombies

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    Hello there,

    I am well aware a thread was created here:

    And there's already a plugin here:

    However, the thread is locked (can't do much). The plugin that already exist is barely updated and barely working ; additionally it needs command blocks and it's own separate world. The author does not even reply to the comments/concerns people have arisen, and he last logged in Jan 9, nor are the tickets being replied too, and the plugin itself being buggy.

    I am requesting a better plugin to be made by someone who actually has the time and dedication to make a good BvZ plugin! ;) (to be posted on Bukkit, of course)

    Without further ado, here is what I think it should be like, but as the developer, you can do whatever you want.

    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: BlocksVZombies

    What I want: A plugin that is based off one of many of Seth Bling's redstone contraptions; a automated plugin for BlocksVsZombies. You should get a few items to control stuff, like your gold will be transferred to your inventory, a door to leave the game. Also, scoreboards are a must! Also, basic minigame plugin stuff should be implemented: eg. no block breaking, rollback any redstone effects (restore arena)

    Also, people will be using the pre-made map/schematic by Seth Bling.

    Also, signs with the player counts etc would be nice ;)

    Ideas for commands/permissions:
    • /bvz join <arenaname> Permission: bvz.join.<arenaname>
    • /bvz quit Permission: bvz.quit
    • /bvz spectate <arenaname> Permission: bvz.spectate.<arenaname>
    • /bvz kit <kitname> Permission: bvz.kit.<kitname> (not required in first release! :)
    • /bvz help (view all commands, with an short explanation) Permission:
    • /bvz create <arenaname> Perm: bvz.admin
    • / bvz setlobby <arenaname> (places where players are teleported too at the end) perm: bvz.admin
      [*]/bvz setspawn [1/2/3/4] <arenaname> Perm. bvz.admin
      [*]/bvz set p1/p2 <arenaname> Perm. bvz.admin
      [*]Kits should be done in a config

    When I'd like it by: Whenever the developer is done.
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    hmm, I might start working on this..
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    You might or will you? ;)
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    I am working on a version of this. I don' t know how long it will take and all I have setup is the lobby and commands but I will hopefully have an alpha version for testing soon. I will give you updates on how it goes

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