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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Yanniclord, Jun 18, 2014.

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    So a plugin that makes a block visible or invisible for certain players with permissions, like lets say BlockViewer.jar, would add - blockview.visible.block1 to make the block you marked ingame and did give it a name like a region, that is called block1, will make all players with that permission be able to see the block, or a list where you can add from ingame like /blockvis add (player) (blockname that is marked), and to make a block invisible for those players like mark the block with the tool, do /blockvis create (name to call the block), and add the allowed players over /blockvis add (playername) (blockname that is marked), and an ability to toggle the block visibility like /blockvis (blockname) on/off, that will make it vice versa, like if its off, its visible, so everyone with the permission or that is in the list off added players can see the block, and when its at on, the block is invisible for the players that have the permission to it or are in the player list.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Yanniclord Question: what would you use this for?
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    It would be useful for example like a VIP lobby, lets say its right at spawn right? I dont want anyone under the VIP rank to go into that room, and instead that VIPs have to /warp or /tp there, they can just go to spawn, and walk right through the wall, as it will seem like for Members, as they see a wall, while the VIP doesnt see anything there, its all open and possible to walk through the blocks as they are not there for the VIP, just the Members, thats one example.
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    If the block is invisible to them the server will still tell them they can't walk through it.
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    Well the funniest thing is i have seen a plugin like it before, and that worked the same way, but lets say its not invisible just air.
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    You could just do it in reverse. The actual blocks are air, the non-vips see solid blocks. I was just pointing it out because it seemed relevant :p

    Technically, however, it would allow anyone with a hacked client to walk right through the wall if they wanted, but NoCheatPlus might fix that. Or just setting a WorldGuard region only the vips can enter.
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    Yep exactly what i thought, i did just point it out the wrong way, but its meant to be as you described, and we dont have NoCheatPlus or anything like it at our server, as we run Cauldron (MCPC+) so run mods to, and flight is enabled else people get kicked for using gravitychestplate and so, but as its a modpack Nodus is impossible to use here.

    Anyhow what you did just point out is what i want it to be. Thanks. Would be awesome if someone could do that.
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    This idea sounds AMAZING xD
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    JaguarJo Retired Staff

    Locked. I'm sorry but these forums are for CraftBukkit servers; other server mods are not supported here. We cannot give support for software we do not make.
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