Block Reappearance/respawning LAG

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kainzo, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Server Info:
    i7 980x
    24gb ddr3 1600ram
    Raid 6 (500gb)
    OS - Debian (linux)
    connection 25/25Mbits
    User average 50-80(peak)

    Whenever we're anywhere more than 20+ players we get several reports reproduce by staff for block respawns. It's something that I cannot pin point why it's happening - I'm curious if several other servers are seeing it and if there is a fix possible.

    Whenever a user breaks a block, it respawns and lags out. It appears that if a player breaks it and tries to walkthrough it - it kicks them back until the block material drops to the ground.

    LWC, WorldEdit,WorldGuard,Herochat,Heroicdeath,Heroicrebuke,BigBrother,Iconomy,Chestshop,Fabulous,Commandbook
    Occurs on:

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    I think its an bug. Because i have with only 10 player with the same hardware :)

    I hope this will fix.
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    i had this bug with 440 but since upgrading to 531 avg 20 players i dont get this anymore
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    witch operating systems does you guys use? had allot of it before
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    Debian / Linux (updated to the latest everything)
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    I have Ubuntu 10.10 with all updates.

    And Java 1.6
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    im on windows 7
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    Seems like its happening across multiplatforms

    So are there any servers not experiencing this type of lag?

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    Its happening on the server my friend and I are using to make an adventure map... Its ridiculously annoying and just started recently. We have been running this same server for week not and today is the first time it has happened to us.

    Its just him and I on the server, and its making it harder than hell to try and build the most in-depth adventure map that has been created.
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    Do you guys all run BigBrother by any chance?
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    No sir, only the Essentials suite and HeroicDeath.
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    i have a VERY Bad Connection like 1.5 upload and i have 2 mc server animals mobs 20 slot both, i run Ubuntu Server 10.10 4 gig ram core 2 duo 7400 and web server, mysql, Ect.. And i Have No lag were 6 computer's all time on and i run loads of plugins get a computer with core2duo 4 gig ram ddr3 and ubuntu server 64-bit 10.10 and your good to go also run ftp and ssh and a counter-strike 1.6 server

    Spawn lagg could be a result of mistakes i just reinstalled my OS and installed ONLY the needed programs and after that my server ran perfectly IF YOU RUN MC SERVER GET BACKUP PLUGIN! if your mom ragequit's you serer box that would prove help full ^^
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    it has nothing to do with hardware, its all about your upload speed. if like 1 p[layers are breaking a block and your upload speed is too slow the your internet sort of places it in a queue. this is causing the problem

    solution: try having a maximum of 15 players on your server
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