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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Larry Bob, Dec 16, 2011.

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    Larry Bob

    After spending many hours to create a MySQL database for LogBlock, much effort was wasted as I realized the plugin did not work. I am now looking for a logging plugin that does NOT use MySQL or any other database that needs installing. And yes, I have tried Log, it doesn't work well at all.
  2. Logblock works fine. Make sure your bukkit build is the latest [1.0.1-R1]. And your logblock version is the latest 1.5 (I think)

    Flatfile for a plugin like this doesn't work out well. It'll slowdown the server.
  3. @Larry Bob
    1. It works
    2. Without MySQL any plugin such as LogBlock would LAGG your server. And with "LAGG" I mean HEAVY laggs.
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    Here's an updated 1.0 version of my plugin, SuperLog. Check out the thread in my signtaure for more details. Basically, it logs without databases.

    The download is here. ;)
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    if you spent hours trying to make a database for LB, your doing it wrong..

    CREATE DATABASE logblock;
    and if your not using root
    GRANT select,insert,update,delete on logblock.* to [email protected] identified by "password";
    derp I think?
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    SuperLog has no roll-back abilities. If and when they are, they will be inherently slow because any search on a flat file is O(n) [best and worst case]. Databases search much faster than that. So if you ever want rollback, you should take the plunge and install MySQL.

    I'm not sure how you spent hours setting it up. I can walk you through a MySQL install in maybe 30 minutes for windows, 5 minutes for linux.

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