Block duplication - Bug?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by GrillGuth, May 13, 2012.

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    I have an annoying item/block duplication bug/error at my server. The bug occurs in my opinion completely random at some regions and disappears also random... but every server restart. At regions witch are buggy users can build a block (eg. diamondblock) and it will immediately go back to the users inventory but is also placed. The user can now brake it so its duplicated....

    May it is caused by some of my plugins? Or some incompatible plugins?
    Plugins (27): Orebfuscator, Citizens, WorldBorder, BlacklistCheck, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, CommandBook, Vault, PermissionsEx, Multiverse-Core, WorldGuard, HawkEye, AuthDB, Scavenger, BKCommonLib, Lockette, RedstoneClockDetector, Modifyworld, SimpleReserve, FalseBookCore, Herochat, EasyBan, BiomeEdit, FalseBookBlock, uHome, Multiverse-Portals, NoLagg

    The log-file says nothing if the bug appears or disappears.

    Update (some more info ... maybe useless ;)):
    1. The bug includes an huge area... but ends at a chunk-border.
    2. Signs witch are placed at the area have no text... it just disappears after placing.
    3. WorldGuard region-info-tool (String) is working... Hawkeye-Tool (Tree) is not working in the area.

    If you need more information just ask.
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    Here is a video showing the bug:

    Maybe a bit dark... I will see if i can fix this...
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    Bolded the plugins I have that you also have, I am having this problem too. So are the people here:

    Post your plugins and anything else in that thread so maybe we can get an idea of the cause.
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