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Would this cause server lag/problems?

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    Basically, you select a block or group of blocks you want with world edit or a built in selector.

    Then you type something like /setcycle 1,2,3,4,5 1 (Which would cycle through stone, grass, dirt, cobble, and wood planks every 1 second)

    /setcycle <blocks> <time in seconds or ticks>

    If this is possible, please let me know. I have searched hard for a plugin or way to do this and can't find a way. Please let me know if this will also cause any problems.
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    Not to be rude or anything, but is there really any point to see blocks cycle through?
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    One example I though would be: Banned blocks: And it cycles through the blocks rather than having a wall of blocks.

    Not to mention all the aesthetic reasons.
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    Why not just a command?
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    Enjoy! All blocks cycle at the same time and all blocks are on the same cycle. Anywhere, any world. All blocks on the server behave the same.

    PM me with server details/address - I'd like to check it out and see what you're doing. Can make minor mods if you want to tweak something.

    You can change the speed the blocks cycle in the config.yml only - no command (I got lazy ;)). Default is 5 seconds.

    /cycleblock IRON_ORE DIAMOND_BLOCK STONE - no commas, valid names are any Bukkit Material name
    /cycleblock add - adds the block you're looking at to the group of blocks that will cycle the list
    /cycleblock reload - loads from config (if you edit it offline; not necessary b/c any command changes config)

    cycleblock.cycleblock - required to do anything

    oh - server load -

    a few block is ok. once you add too many blocks - or have them spread over too many chunks - or update them too frequently - it might. i didn't test but i'm guessing you can do tens of blocks but don't try like a hundred blocks every second and expect it to be fine. (it'll send a chunk-update to every client within view-distance - not sure if that's a full 64k download or a smaller update - need to check.)

    don't drop the frequency too low - like below a second - without testing.

    you can have a lot of materials in the list - the number of items in the cycle absolutely will not increase load (unless you add like a thousand to the list ;)).

    only put "blocks" in the list. putting something like WOOD_AXE in the list (while a valid Material) will show as AIR. would need to research how to show non-block Materials.

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