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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: BlockCountdown

    What I want: You type /blockcountdown create [Name] then you build a number, for example a 1. Then you use WorldEdit to select the corners of that number and type /blockcountdown [Name] add [Number] then you repeat for the amount of numbers you want. Then you type /blockcountdown [Name] time [LenthOfTime] So 10s for every 10 seconds then number changes, or 10m for 10 minutes, 10h for 10 hours, 10d for 10 days and so on as far as it is possible to go.

    In the config you'll be able to set the time zone (Or some other way to set starting time) and say you set it to go down once every 24 hours then you'd set it to your time zone at 00:00. (I hope that explained it pretty well if not then ask)

    Ideas for commands: /blockcountdown create (Shown above) /blockcountdown add (Shown above) /blockcountdown time (Shown above) /bloccountdown reload (Reloads plugin)

    Ideas for permissions: blockcountdown.create (For create command) blockcountdown.add (For add command) blockcountdown.time (For time command) blockcountdown.reload (For reload command)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible please!

    I did look for other plugins like this but I could only find ones in chat so sorry if there's already one and could you link it to me if there is! Thanks :p
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    My BlockPrinter plugin ( allows you to print Minecraft text in blocks, but its not exactly what you're looking for.

    To any other developers who want to work on this project, I believe my BlockPrinter plugin has an API for printing blocks, so you could make this plugin depend it so it could be a lot easier.
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    Well your plugin does the creating letter part of it so thank you for that! And I hope someone else uses it to make the rest! Thanks again
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