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    I would like to request a plugin that allows you to check who edited a block where you right click using an empty hand. So if you thought some one had griefed something or wanted to find out who had placed/destroyed this block if it was air you could place a block there and click on it and it would say or if there was a block you could click on it and it would say.
    If this is possible it would probably have to be done through logging every block placement/destruction action with co-ordinates and then when you click in the said co-ordiantes it would say the action that have happened there.

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    The txt files would be massive, or there would be a large amount of them.

    I think your asking for a bigbrothers + some more detail kind of thing?
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    LogBlock does this and it uses MySQL
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    The mySQL databases must be massive then.
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    I have a 300 mb LogBlock Database that stores every change in the past 7 days.
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    Yeah but can you right click on the block and instantly see who placed it?
  7. Yes you can, I think that you had to hold a certain tool. I'm not sure though.
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    Cool, i'll look into that plugin then :)
    Thanks for the info

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