***Black Ops 2 Zombies*** Need plugin to increase zombie's sight distance!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by grmds, May 3, 2013.

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    Hello I am currently making a server to play Black Ops 2 zombies maps in MC. So far everything is going well except for a few things.

    For starters I would like monsters to have a longer line-of-sight. I think the current one is around 7 blocks or so and I would want more like 15.

    Secondly I will need a plugin to despawn zombies if they are too far away. By that I mean if the zombie is like 15 blocks away, the monster will despawn. It doesn't need to respawn the zombie after this (I do that with MobArena), it would just need to despawn it.

    Finally I need a plugin that can edit the speed of zombies. I don't just want to give all the zombies but I want this to be editable ingame. So I could do /z speed 4 and then all zombies from then on will spawn in with a speed 4 buff.

    I don't think the last 2 requests should be too hard so please pick it up. If you are interested in helping to program other aspects of the server, add me as a contact on skype: themindstormman3141. Thank you.
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