Bitcoin Miner for Idle Servers

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    Name says it all, If you don't know what bitcoins are..

    So when no players are on the server, it starts mining. When someone joins it stops.

    Help starter servers (thus the emptyness) get some money.
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    SAY NO to bitcoins
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    interesting idea but bitcoin mining has mainly switched to gpu mining and so if his were to be made as a cpu miner the profits would be minuscule
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    Just run the bitcoin miner at the lowest cpu priority you can set. On Linux, starting bitcoin as "nice -n 19 bitcoind -gen" will do the trick.
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    This would be awzum.
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    I'm requesting it one way or another.

    I have yet to find a way to do it through batch files while java is running and I know nothing of bukkit API and very little java.

    Keep this bumped Ill post a bounty if needed.
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    this should be easy, just check when online players are less than a certain value and run the bit coin miner.
    if(Bukkit.getServer().getOnlinePlayers().size() < 2) {
        // Run bitcoin miner
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    so do I just put that code in a .class file, put that in a .jar, put that in plugins and have the miner somewhere else?
    Id assume there is more to it. Mind helping?

    Sorry I know batch and python, but thats the end of my programming ablities that could help here.

    normally i'm just a web developer :/


    Care to explain why?

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    Its not a secure currency. Its just some random guy making a currency to make some money. Ill pay you in NazCoin if you want? Will that be ok?
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    notice that they are now selling for ~$30 when 2 weeks ago they were ~$6?

    it seems like a fad, I still think it is, but might as well be safe than sorry. there is no losing here.
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    How is the currency not secure? It's mirrored everywhere with p2p. Also there is no unlimited amount of bitcoins. It will get harder and harder to "mine" them, and eventually the cap will be hit and no more coins can be mined. That will also prevent inflation.

    Of course their current value will drop to something reasonable after the boom goes over. It's just like tulip bulbs some centuries ago in holland. You could get a house with 3 bulbs. Now they cost 0,3€ each.

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