Bind spells to tools, with charge counters

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Ultra_Colon, May 28, 2011.

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    I look for plugins that are simple and intuitive to use for the players on my server. I've been looking to include some form of spell casting but I want to avoid relying on commands to do so.

    What I would like is a plugin were you can bind spells to tools or items.
    Spells like lightning bolt, click teleportation, arrow barrage etc.
    For instance, very few if any players ever use a diamond hoe, so it's one of the tools that's pretty much free to use for other functions.

    An important thing would be to have a limited amount of use on those tools. You could configure a diamond hoe to have a charge of 20 lightning bolts. It would be really nice if the health bar of the tool could go down with usage.

    Another way to do it would be to use items (like books or paper sheets) to cast the spells and receive a chat message of the remaining charges after using it.

    I have some really specific needs, so it would be really nice to have all this configurable (being able to decide what spell binds to what tool/item and define the charge counter.

    A way to recharge the items with iconomy would also be a nice addition, although it is not that important to me.

    Anyways, thanks to any developer giving some time to read this and consider what's possible and how to do it.
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    YOu got this off of HeroCraft didnt you. lol ask the guy who makes there plugins.
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    Actually I didn't, I just figured it would be the best way to implement spells on my server. I scoured the Herocraft wiki and could only find spells triggered by commands.
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    Oh on there server they have binding spells to objects so I figured you wanted what they had. But check out MagicSpells plugin. Its amazing
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    Hi! Wand can do this now, but only with the stick. Magic will expand this to any set of spells bound to any item, but that plugin is kind of MIA at the moment- Wand/Spells are supported, though.

    I need to look at MagicSpells....

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