Bind a key to a chat command?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by l5p4ngl312, Jan 19, 2011.

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    See the title. Can it be done?
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    Oh that would be great, but AFAIK that would require a client mod.
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    Oh... i thought that since notch had added customizable controls that it might be possible to make use of unused keys for an awesome rpg mod or anything really. I was thinking like an rpg mod with "action skills" and u can bind an action skill to a key. Like for archer class press a button and the next arrow you shoot will split into like 10. Or press a button and flaming arrows rain down from the sky on your cursor. Mage class of course would have spells. Anyways this wasn't about making a plugin like that it was about key binding. So would this ever be possible without a client mod?
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    To my understanding, Bukkit cannot pick up individual key presses and clicks.
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    I made a client wrapper called Nuble for this. You can make macros and link them to keys.
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