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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Fell, Dec 22, 2011.

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    So I have a big (possibly huge) request that I need done. I want someone to hook up this site to a chat-bot plugin. If needed I have the chat-bot already :). First one to get this done I will be more than happy to pay them $15. Thanks a lot :D
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    Hi Fell! Remember me? :p
    Try asking the dev who made Allora about it, just a suggestion.

    I looked into it a little bit. It seems it WOULD be possible, but one thing... It would have to run on a server for a while to actually learn as much as Clever Bot. The only way to have it as smart as it is now would be to steal Clever Bot's database. And to link all of the servers running this plugin to one database would require more of an experienced Java developer. It would also need it's own site to run the database off of. The easiest way to make a database would be to get Clever Bot's current database, and I don't see any possibility in doing that.

    I take back part of my previous comment. They have HTML links to their database, you would just need to know ow to convert it into Java. I actually have the HTML link to it right now, just I'm not quite sure how to put it into a plugin, because it reads whatever the user types in a box, so it would need some modification.
    The 4th one down is what needs to be converted into Java and made so it reads user chat.
    EDIT: Last one, not fourth. Bottom of page.

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    Lol I know, but I'm just not experienced enough to do that :p And Allora is not an actual, just responds to key phrases set in her code, kinda like my Ava lol. But thanks for the link :D
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    No problem. I know a possible way to do this, but it would be extremely boring and take over 24hours of straight working. I don't think anybody would want the plugin that much to do it that way.
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    Unfortunately, it looks like cleverbot connection not through official means is forbidden! It's possible, but probably not ok to distribute such a plugin on the forums.

    edit- link:
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    In that case the dev who makes this needs to interact with it a lot for the database to have enough answers to be published. So not only will making the plugin be harder but the dev needs a team to fill it with common answers.
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    Well I guess that's not possible :/ But if someone wants to team-up I've been working on an A-I for minecraft. We could make it like cleverbot without actually using cleverbot. So who's with me?! Lol

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    Ive been with you
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    You know, someone COULD develop a tool that is configurable made in such a way that if you put the right configuration in, it could allow you to do a google search from minecraft, or a yahoo search, or, say, interact with cleverbot. If the tool was made correctly, what the server admins do with it is on them.
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    There are also other chat bots you can download and run on your own system. It would be pretty easy to hook that up with a plugin!
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    I have a pretty advanced chatbot in development already :)
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    I will help in anyway I can, but I'm not very experienced.
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