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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by mccrafter1212, Jun 24, 2017.

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    /bl create lobby <blocksOutward>'I recently started development of BetterLobbies.

    This plugin, when completed, will be fantastic. You won't ever need another lobby plugin.

    Upon planning I've decided that BetterLobbies will have Multiverse-Core as a dependency to allow traveling between worlds.

    - Multiverse-Core

    - Ultra Cosmetics
    - Citizens
    - Vault

    I've already finished up the configuration and it's huge.

    So what will BetterLobbies do?
    1) Allows for creation of lobbies (using /bl create lobby <blocksOutward> - So it's created in a square formation)
    2) Supports other plugins that enhance the lobby experience such as Ultra Cosmetics and Citizens.
    3) Welcomes players when they join the server.
    4) Supports Vault so that traveling from world to world can cost money.
    5) Gives players a world teleporter, and a game teleporter (teleports to coordinates in the world) which are removed after leaving the lobby world.
    6) Supports commands being ran when a player is teleported to a world

    I really want to hear some ideas from people as to what to add, what to remove, and what should be changed. I'm trying to make this the best lobby plugin around.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @mccrafter1212 What will it do? Just teleport players to a different world?
    And you don't need a dependency to travel between worlds.
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    I just finished editing the post, I was in the middle of editing when you posted your comment. Anyways, the Multiverse-Core dependency will provide more use as the plugin advances (creation of worlds, as well as world generation).
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