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  1. Plugin name: BetterLeaderboards

    Minecraft Version: 1.12.2

    What I want: I want a plugin that makes leaderboards using NPCs from Citizens plugin.

    There should be two types of leaderboards:
    A) Activity Leaderboards (Mesures time played per week)
    B) Balance Leaderboards (Using Vault)

    /leaderboard balance (number) (Selects a npc to be the (number) on balance
    /leaderboard activity (number) (Selects a npc to be the (number) on activity
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    what do you mean? The leaderboard to be like a hologram on the top of the npc or something that or like a copy of the LeaderHeads plugin but to replace the heads with npcs?
  3. I want to do it as easer as possible for the devolper, so this was my idea:

    Use citzitens for the NPCs, so dont have to create your own.
    Each NPC is asosiated to the top (number) of eithar, balance or activity (Hours per week).
    So the top 3 are displayed on that NPC
    And maybe you can make it to store some player data, the time for example, and display it on a NPC.
    To make the time you could use an algorithm and the Time Played on Stats
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