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    When you’re out exploring in vanilla Minecraft, finding animals to kill for food is fairly simple; they’re all over the place! It’s even easier now that they’re introducing rabbits and mutton to the game. There’s no challenge to hunting at all. Once you settle down in a spot, farming them is even easier.

    Adjusting the spawn rate of passive animals can help make animals scarce, but it doesn’t make hunting them or farming them any “harder”. I’d love to see a plugin bring a level of challenge to hunting and farming animals. Below are my suggestions on how to do so.

    "Wild" behaviors

    1) Have cows, horses, sheep, pigs, and chickens run away from players (like Ocelots and Rabbits) if the player gets within 10 blocks or so.

    2) Occasionally instead of running, an animal will become aggressive instead (maybe 10% of encounters). They then charge and attack the player, knocking the player back and dealing an adjustable amount of damage. (Like the out-of-date Wild Boars! plugin).

    3) Provide an option to turn off following a favorite food type, requiring players to invest in leads and limit them to managing one wild animal at a time.

    4) Prevent players from breeding wild animals. An option to enable this for untamed Ocelots and Wolves would be useful too.

    5) Wild sheep cannot be sheared, wild cows cannot be milked, and wild chickens drop feathers instead of eggs. Wild Horses cannot be tamed through feeding or repeated mounting. Being bucked off causes a “dazed” effect via a slow potion effect, a nauseous potion effect and 1 pt of damage.

    “Domestic” behaviors

    1) Naming a cow, sheep, pig, horse or chicken with a Name Tag tames it, reverting it back to its normal vanilla behavior (follows food, no longer runs away or attacks player, breeds when fed etc).

    2) Putting an animal into “breed” mode becomes % based, so animals might require multiple feedings to get the happy hearts over their head.

    3) Baby animals are born “wild” and must be tamed if the player wishes to breed them.

    4) A named horse is “tamed”, but not saddlebroken. Repeated mounting or feeding is required to get the horse to accept a rider.

    5) Eggs no longer have a chance to spawn baby chickens – to get more chickens they must be bred.

    6) Small % chance of twins being born would be interesting.

    Highly Optional

    1) Would like to see an ownership variable introduced, that would to check if the player interacting with them is their master or not. Make it so that animals cannot be harmed, renamed, bred, fed, saddled, mounted, or lasso’ed by any player other than their master. But other mobs and environmental damage can still harm them.

    2) To trade or sell a tamed animal to another player a transfer command could be used. i.e. /animaltransfer <animalname> to <playername>

    3) Limit the number of animals that a player can tame based on permissions; animals.taming.10; animals.taming.20; etc etc.
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    Is no one willing to give it a go? I don't want credit or anything, just to have a working plugin to use!
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Elyssia001 Some things require mob recoding, not very simple
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    Often-times, adding behaviors to mobs requires the plugin to replace the built-in Java classes that control mob behavior. This means that a plugin like the one you want would be difficult to code, and would break with most Minecraft updates.
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    Oh :(

    Well I'll keep hoping that someone will give it a go.
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    A challenge for you:
    Animal Plague
    This presevent when the player have more than *XXX* animals in the same chunk, they'll get a plague, that can infect other animals, and even the player!

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