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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by DeadSpark143, Nov 17, 2019.

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    Plugin category :- World Generation

    Minecraft Version :- 1.13.2

    Suggested Name :- Ultra Mine

    What I Need :- Hey guys I've been looking for some plugins of creating mines I searched up everything and found Mine Reset Lite the most desired but it wasnt that satisying I just had a request from any plugin devloper to do something more better than the plugin Mine Reset Lite Like named Ultra Mine or something classy and dependics shall be WorldEdit to define the mine region, I would like basic commands to be like

    Ideas For Commands :-
    Create mine :- /ultramine create {name for mine}
    Define region for mine :- /ultramine region define {existing mine name}
    Specify blocks in mine in percentage :- /ultramine setblock {existing mine name} {block:id} {percentage:xxx%}
    Reset mine :- /ultramine reset {all/mine name}
    Set automatic mine reset delay :- /ultramine reset delay {mine name} -s(in seconds) -m(in minutes) {xxxx}
    And also set a alias for the commands as /um which can be enabled from config

    Ideas For Permissions :-

    When Ill like it by :- Within a month
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    What exactly do you mean by better?
    Because everything described can be done by those two plugins
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    It looks very interesting, i'm on it :)
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    Hmm thanks you can update me if you are done with the plugin I would really appreciate a stable and nice one

    I tried that plugin already but what i found in it was that it works in a complicated way which isnt that good about it

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