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    Name Suggestions: BetterGod or WalkingJesus

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    Basically, not only does this plugin provide a God mode, it also provides other useful features., such as OHKO or InstaMine. It's a very short description, so let's get on with it.

    /bg g (y/n or e/d) (health) (hunger) (recheck) - Basically, the last two arguments are for health or hunger. To enable it you can do /bg g y (amount of health) (amount of hunger) (anything else). Basically, the g tells it to check for godmode, it doesn't have to be g, it can be anything that starts with g like god or giraffe. The next argument can be anything that starts with a y or e to enable, if it starts with anything else or isn't given, it disables it, the next two arguments are for how much health/hunger you want, if left blank, it will default to 19 points (9.5 hearts). The next, labeled recheck, is how long to wait before resetting your health & hunger back to the values in the godmode, -1 means never, default is 1, and any decimals will count as 1 to prevent lag. (1.1 would be treated as 2), however, it will revert health/hunger to the values given if you eat or take damage.
    /bg i - Toggles insta-break (mine blocks instantly and still get drops)
    /bg o - Toggles OHKO (Hit a player/mob once and they instantly die, even works wehn your target is in creative, this doesn't deal potion effects though.)
    /bg q - Toggles infinite items! (This will basically allow you to place/use items without losing it's quantity and still keep the quantity of the item (example: having 32 gold blocks in survival and enabling this and placing them will not alter your quantity, it will remain at 32)
    /bg a - Toggles armor-break (When hitting a player/mob you will instantly break it's armor)
    /bg u - Toggles anti-break (Your tools and armor are always at full health, however, players with armor-break can still break them)

    The permissions are the same as the first two arguments of each command, for example:
    bg.g would be the permission to activate the god mode.

    Additional Notes:
    All of the commands allow you to check if a certain feature is enabled or disabled on other players, like this:

    To check godmode, you do "/bg -c g (player)". If no playername is given, it will check yourself. It will return the text "Enabled!" if it's on or "Disabled!" if it's off, this can also work with the other modes.

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