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    Plugin category: Fun, Game

    Suggested name: Betrayal at block on the hill

    What I want:
    I would like a plugin that sets up a game similar to betrayal at house on the hill. In the board game, you and up to five other people go into an unexplored house, take turns exploring the house and gathering equipment. Omen cards are collected and every time an omen card is collected, you have to make a haunt roll. If the roll is greater than the number of haunt cards drawn, the haunt starts and usually someone is made the traitor and has to tear down the house with a giant snake, turn his fellow players into zombies or vampires, etc.

    description of the game

    The plugin could have a group of world edit schematic files that have uniformly sized room, each room could be an item, omen, event, or empty room like in the game. When someone would type a command like /createhouse and it would pre-generate a house. players would join and search through the house until enough omen rooms are discovered and someone is called traitor and has to kill everyone. there could be more haunt scenarios then that. If the players kill the traitor, they get a reward, if the traitor kills the players, the traitor gets a bigger reward.

    Ideas for commands: /createnewhouse (house name) - create a house
    /deletehouse (house name) - deletes a house
    /create game (house name) - creates a game at a house
    /remove game (house name) - removes a game
    /join game (house name) - joins a game
    /leave game (house name) - leaves a game
    /start game (house name) - starts a game
    /stop game (house name) - stops a game

    Ideas for permissions: Betrayal.create - set to true for creating houses
    Betrayal.delete - set to true to delete houses
    Betrayal.mod - for commands create, remove, and stop game
    Betrayal.player - for commands join and leave game

    When I'd like it by: In a month or so.

    Also: I would like to learn more about writing plugins so pm me if you would like to work on this project with me. I don't know much about writing a plugin so if you don't want to, it is fine.

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