Best website software for my Minecraft server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by XboxEnforcer, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Hello, I'm looking for some general help.
    I have a Minecraft server, and I am setting up my website (again...) because I absolutely dislike Xenforo, IP.Board, and Enjin. I'd really like a Minecraft CMS (content management system) but I can't find one, after days of Google searches. Do you have any suggestions/experience/etc. you could share? Thank you!

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    I think I may have posted this in the wrong section. If I did, can you please move it to the correct section? Thank you.

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    1. Xen Foro is awesome software, but has a lot of issues if you pirate it.
    2. IPB is awesome software, but also has a lot of issues if you pirate it.

    You can use wordpress, or Joomla. They are both free, and are considered the most popular free to use website scripts. You can check my website at
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    I paid for Xenforo, and my friend gave me Admin on his IPBoard subscription. I dislike Wordpress, but what software do you use?
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    Pure Bootstrap, because everybody loves it.
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    It seems like you dislike a lot of these things. But anyway, wordpress is actually very good if you get Mingle Forums for it and a bunch of plugins, and that's what my website is based on.
    If you wanna check it out to see how it looks see here:
    Of course somebody with more time could make the website look much better, but... yeah.
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    If development continues with Xenforo i'd say go shoot for that. IPB is nice but a little pricey. phpBB is also good if your looking for a free forum software.
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    Oh lordy. c:

    Your site is... interesting...

    I am going to try Wordpress. And so what if I dislike forum engines or CMS's?
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    If you dislike forum engines or CMS's, you can code the website yourself ;)

    I haven't myself, it's too much work, especially when someone already made software for a forum and portal.
    I use SMF with Dream Portal, you can try that too if WordPress turns out it's not suitable for a gaming community.
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    Wordpress is great if you get a decent premium theme and you customize it to your liking. Saves a bunch of time too in terms of managing the website.
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    You can check my site if you want,
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    I suggest IPB 3.4x, it's the best forum software out there, better than xenforo! Wordpress is useful and pretty safe but its hard to get into wordpress. So I recommend you use IPB. I have coded my own homepage and integrated it with my forums so there is no difference between my home page and IPB just the content, with xenforo you can't edit the template. IPB is also useful because you can make easy PHP scripts for you homepage that will integrate with IPB like;
    Live example: - It's my site, but it's in different language, use google translate :)
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