Best ways to advertise a Bukkit server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by HockeyMike24, Dec 10, 2011.

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    What are the best ways to advertise a Bukkit server? I have been using Bukkit for 10 months now and I still can only average around 3-10 people on daily. I have tried posting on Minecraft forums but after 10 minutes my post is on the 5th page, I have also tried Youtube, planetminecraft and other websites.

    So any server Admins out there that want to share there secret?
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    Post on multiple server lists, expressing your server in a way that draws people in. Don't make the title 'Bukkit server', if you notice others have server titles such as NEW RPG BUKKIT SERVER [iCONOMY] [RPG], these draw people in showing them that your server is what they're looking for.

    Post pictures of the best creations on your server! People like to see a well-put together server with amazing buildings. I know I do.

    Good luck, Xaqa.
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    I website and forums you can point to may be helpful.
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    The secret is that you whitelist. Make a simple application that you don't really care what the answers are, then have people on Minecraft Forums fill it out and post it to get whitelisted, also bumping the thread! :D
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    I would say Forums to.
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    1. Make an amazing banner
    2. Make a YouTube trailer of your server
    3. Tag it like RPG and all of that.
    4. Tell your people to pass down the word; possibly add a refer-a-friend bonus system
    I haven't done any of those, but I'm very confident that one or more will work.
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    I tend to write my server IP on my naked body, with some non-toxic paint, and then I go walking (still naked) downtown while whistling the tune of 'whistle while you work'. If that doesn't get peoples attention immediately, the newspaper headline the next day of "Crazy Naked Minecraft Guy Does It Again" usually gets peoples attention.
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    I agree with this. My server jumped from 2 people on daily to 35 in less than a week!
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