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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TheOnlyShad0w, Sep 30, 2012.

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    So I don't know how to code in any language (beyond doing permissions with PEX), but I really want to be able to make my own Bukkit plugins. It sounds like a good place to start is by learning how to code in Java. I've found this tutorial by thenewboston (, and it seems like a lot of people recommend it, but what I'm wondering is this tutorial for absolute beginners like me, and do I have to watch and learn every single part to know how to make a bukkit plugin?

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    unfortunately, yes. You need to learn java before you can learn to use it to make plugins.

    "but what about stuff i only need to make plugins?"

    Before you ask this, yes, again unfortunately, you need to learn the basics of java just to make plugins, as there are a LOT of basics to learn that you'll use all over the place in a plugin :p

    If youre really adamant about learning to make plugins, you'll be able to start looking at it in a few days. Once you learn the syntax and basics of creating objects, variables, utilizing methods and parameters, and how to handle primitives, arrays, (maybe even collections) and operators, then you should be ready. Until then, if you try to jump straight into learning to code a BUKKIT plugin, you'll just confuse yourself :\

    That said, if you want, go grab the source of a simple plugin, and use it as a way to explore code while you learn it, and apply what youre learning in a real situation c:
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    Go to that page, at the top are some tutorials for learning java. I recommend thenewboston and javavideotutes. After watching several videos from each of them I learned the basics of java in a day and was progamming my own plugin the next day. Of course everyone learns at different speeds, so there's no guarantee that you will get the same results. However for getting started, those are good places to go for learning the basics of java and setting up Eclipse for making plugins. After that, Google things that you can't figure out how to do.
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    I guess I'll start with thenewboston. It just doesn't seem like, judging by the video titles, I would need to watch every part of his 84 part series, which is a total of around 11 hours. Oh well. Wish me luck, and thanks!
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

    You really do. Even the parts introducing the seemingly unrelated Swing API for building GUIs he is using them to build important concepts.
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    As said above, watch all of Bucky's (a.k.a. thenewboston) videos. They are very helpful, simple, and easy to understand. Start with his very first video and stick in there!
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    Sounds good. Thanks.
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    After watching thenewboston's java videos, you could decomplie other plugins code just to look and see what makes them tick. Please do not copy code from other poeples plugins.

    Happy plugin making.
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    The most plugins are open source on Github. Look at plugin description for the link.
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    Google.... that is all.
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    Ok. So I'm guess learning Java would also help if I were to make a mod like a horse mod or something similar?
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    You should learn the Java basics and write simple console programs.
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    Add me on skype and ill see how i can help ;) keiran.turner96
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    If you have questions you can add me on Skype too. ID="Devil0s" <-----Its a zero not an O
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    thats more of a client mod than a plugin.
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    I know. That's what I'm talking about.
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    Yeah, Minecraft is made in Java, so if you know a lot of it, you can do anything!
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    thenewboston is great, but be warned: there is still going to be some stuff that he doesn't cover (i.e. hashmaps) and you're going to have to do some googling and read a bit of the Oracle tutorials.
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    This is bukkit, not client mods
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    Whoa Whoa. Unless you want to learn the same coding habits of 75% of Java devs. that TheNewBoston teaches, I'd suggest picking up some books, messing around with code, learning the best way to do things with Google! There is no shame in being self-taught. TheNewBoston is a good developer. I've watched almost all his videos about Java programming and learned some preeetty bad habits that came back and bit me in the arse later. Just learn your way and what your comfortable with.
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    I'm going about learning Java, and have been watching thenewbostons's videos and tutorials. After learning Java though, what's the next step? Do you just grab the Bukkit API reference and cram? Or will Bukkit come naturally and begin to make sense as I become more experienced in Java?
    (Tagged because you all seem to know what you're doing. :b)
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    Use You can use Ogmz-modding he maked a plugin that not much help but helped me a bit ;) (ps. Ogmz-modding own page is not aviable go to youtube go to these two parts: part 1: Click here. part 2: Click here.
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    Once you feel that you are comfortable with Java you should refine your skills by practicing. And yes, Bukkit is an excellent way to beginning. The code isn't to advanced and it's semi-user friendly. ^-^ But what you should do is start is see other peoples code, ask questions, and learn as much as you can about the language you are learning. Which in this case its Java. Right now you show potential by asking questions, haha.

    Also don't be afraid of criticism! Post that code! Most of the time you are doing it right just maybe not in the most efficient way! Don't be afraid to take the constructive criticism and approve on it. The best you can do after learning about a programming language is to learn the most efficient way to handle most operations. Then you might not be a master yet, but you are definitely advanced.

    So all in all, yes, start with Bukkit. Read the docs. If you don't know how to read the docs that is perfectly normal! They aren't anything like books. Just Google "how to read Javadocs" and I'm sure there is a step by step tutorial on how to read them.

    Or if you find Bukkit to be not so much fun then you can always just make programs that to simple Math operations, simple data storage, random number generations, writing a good method, using multiple packages/classes, making files from Java, etc. After learning most of the basic and advanced Java operations/methods, GUI's and game creation are huge on the internet with tutorials. Those are also good places to practice. Don't forget about Spout as well!

    Good luck to you!
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

    I disagree, bukkit is fairly complex. Take the following example about inheritance.

    If you do not understand object inheritance you will fail to fully grasp what is going on, even with the main class of the plugin. While it may not completely stop you from moving forward, and building a working plugin, if you do not understand it, it may lead to many logical errors and you will be wondering why you can do certain things but not others.

    Inheritance (in a java programming course) may not be a topic of conversation for several weeks. This text book introduces it at chapter 5, and the book is 14 chapters long. Even the new boston does not formally discuss it until video 49, which is about half way through his series.
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    Please mark the thread as solved. You got tons of tipps and help.
    I doesnt want to get spam of this thread anymore. :D
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    Unwatch the thread(;
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    I guess some people catch on to somethings better than others. I just didn't know how to judge he motivation. However I did suggest an alternative to Bukkit.
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    I am quite a nub at java but only started 3 weeks a go. I suggest reading java books or doing courses as well as learning the bukkit side to it. Take it from me I find thenewboston quite hard to understand at first but just go to a /help plugin edit and make it a different one and then go on github and look at some coding (not essentials way to hard), maybe a small plugin that could have some actions in it not just commands.
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