Best server host for 1-60 players and cheap

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by th3coolbro, Mar 28, 2013.

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    what is a good server host i can use for 1-60 players that wont lag and is pretty cheap
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    HostHorde, no sponsorship intended. $30 for their unlimited plan. Yes, unlimited. Unlimited Player Slots, Memory Usage, Bandwith, Storage, etc. However, they do have their fair-use policy. So you can't have 16GB, 700 slots server, and only 10 people go on.
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    I will tell you I use beast node and I have not had a problem with them they have cheap plans and easy to work with
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    With regard to your grammar and punctuation, you are probably looking for a stable short-term server that is easy to use and maintain. Because of this, I recommend you go with beastnode. They provide you with a friendly cp and I'm pretty sure they have a DDos mitigation system setup, so you will have no worries. HostHorde doesn't look promising. Never buy anything that promises "unlimited." There is no such thing.
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    I use them right now, it's fine. The only downside is maybe the support, which they need to improve. Uptime, however, it's fine.
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    BeastNode is great for new servers, I've used them before, about a year ago now, but they were fantastic!
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    Iroh was good when I used it, switched to now.
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    MPServ all the way![diamond][diamond]

    (I've heard bad stories about BeastNode)
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    The only reason I won't say that you're self-advertising, is because I know you've been around here for a while and you know what you're doing. (Unlike other hosts....)
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    Them"Bad" stories are a load of bullsh*t
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    How do you know? Saying that you have a good hosting experience with them, doesn't say others have that exact same experience.
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