best plugins for a freebuild server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PandaVidya, Feb 26, 2011.

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    so what plugins would you say are essential for a freebuild server?
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    Disabling health and adding a proper /item (/give) command and maybe /time.
    All of which you can find in my signature, those use only ops.txt.
    Others like Essentials, ScrapBukkit, and more, use Permissions plugin that enables you to finely define the rights oo every command. It is also much more complex to setup.
  3. i have a Freebuild server

    I don't really suggest you make /give and /item for the public/ inless you have worldguard to prevent people from placing stuff like TNT, MobSpawners, Bedrock, Lava, and other things you wanna block. Get essentials. Thats a must need for a freebuild server.

    If you want to give more users other stuff, then i would say controllerblock. Its redstone related. its pretty cool
    MineCartMania a very cool plugin involving minecarts.
    Multiverse: for multiple worlds.

    There are others, i jsut don't know what to suggest to you.
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    If you want I can send you my whole plugins folder Ive got lots of fun freebuilding and warping plugins :)
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