Best Permissions Plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by sketysh, Jun 17, 2014.

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    There are quite a few and I'm torn between PermissionsEx and Group Manager.

    I did some googling and only found threads made 1-3 years ago.
    What currently is most recommended? I have a little experience with Essentials Group Manager.

    Feel free to recommend other ones.

    Really appreciate your guys' input and thoughts on this.
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    I have always used GroupManager and recently decided to try PermissionsEx.
    I found pex a lot more confusing, and commands are longer and less straightforward. + it handles OPs in a different, for me worse, way (it just makes you pass ALL permission checks instead of giving just the ones that devs specify in their plugin).

    If you have no direct reason to switch I would suggest just sticking with GroupManager. But permissionEx has some more advanced features with groups, inherantance ect.

    But in the end it is all preference ofcourse.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    I'm herping the derp with PEX. I disabled OP's getting all perms in the config and set up an 'admin' group, which suits my needs perfectly. Throw in some other groups, set up inheritance, all set and ready to roll.
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    I prefer groupmanager, due to the stableness of the plugin and the easyness of use, along with the complete customizeable multi world permissions. Otherwise PEX and GM provide a similar feature set, with the differences being that GM provides the multi world mirroring system and proper commandblock support, while PEX provides SQL access.
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    Yup just like Necrodoom said. Groupmanager is simply one of the easiest permissions plugin I've used and most of my plugins work together just perfectly.
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    Groupmanager is definitly the way to go its way easier to config and use!
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