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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kalas2626, Aug 6, 2012.

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    wahts the best linux distro to use? is ubuntu ok?i say :ubunto because it not to hard to set up :p but i will go for whatever is thhe best
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    Ubuntu or Linux Mint are probably the best for beginners.
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    lol i like the "for beginners part" but im not affraid to jump right in provided a more striped down version of linux will greatly improve performance.if thers not goingto be much difference however i will just go with ubuntu
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    The only thing that makes Ubuntu slower than other distros is its controversial and somewhat bloated UI called Unity. If you really want speed, go for Lubuntu, which is Ubuntu but with LXDE (a faster UI) instead.
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    There are many factors that go into this question. Do you require a GUI? Does the server perform any other functions?

    I use ubuntu server, but I also run a headless server so unity doesn't exist in my world. It is far from bloated in this situation.

    Lubuntu or Xubuntu are both good alternatives to the "bloated" unity UI. I would recommend Xubuntu over Lubuntu tho just because it's got a longer service life.

    As for ubuntu being bloated and slowing things down... this is usually caused by people who didn't bother to look up how to configure their video to work properly, and not really the fault of the GUI itself.
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    Fedora KDE, 100 updates a week which on occasion break vital parts of your system.
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    As purely a server, I prefer CentOS w/o Gnome or KDE.
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