Best Dedicated Server provider?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Rasmenar, Mar 19, 2013.

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    I'm looking to lease a dedicated server for Minecraft in the next couple of months. I have a few requirements before I'm willing to commit to a purchase, however, and I'm also looking for reviews from Bukkit users.

    The only thing I require is reliable access to my files so I can edit them as needed and to get as much dedicated ram as I can get on a $40 a month budget, along with unlimited bandwidth.

    Who do you guys use? How much do you pay? Would you suggest them to others?
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    Click here for CraftNodeHosting's website link!

    You can get a good server that should do you fine here for $40, in fact you don't even need $40. I've looked at about 20 server hosts, and tried 4 of them this one is by far the best. I recommend getting a standard server I use the Cow plan myself and it is amazing. You get tons of ram for cheap prices, unlimited bandwidth no matter the plan, and you have complete access too all your files through any FTP or through their easy to use control panel. Not to mention they have 24/7 live support. I strongly recommend this provider!
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    Affiliate links are not allowed. I have removed the one you posted.
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    I use allgamer. I think they're pretty awesome. Definitely the best support.

    I pay 30$ a month for 2gigs of ram, and an awesome CPU. Also, they're giving everyone 25 gigabytes of storage! The cheapest package is 10$. That will get you 512mb of ram, and still 25 gigabytes of hdd! That's where I got started. All servers come with mcmyadmin enterprise for free, and access to your server through ftp.
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    I really like ovh, heard good stories about them, and they don't seem to be too expensive.
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    I use them. They're simply the best. No issues since I've started using them, fast support, free phone calls to their numbers (UK), The only think I disliked, is the hussle to get the one of their servers. You need to send a copy of your passport and proof of address, so in my case Driving License. It took 1 day to complete the process, but I have to say, it was worth it.
    I am currently on their SP 32G SSD Dedicated Server package, and there's another thing, all prices shown, don't include VAT so it means, the prices are 25% (I think) higher.
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    Adriani6 That is awesome. I currently don't have the money for it, otherwise I'd have totally taken one of their dedi's.
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    I wasn't aware they made you go through that much to prove your identity, good thing I have the documents required if I wanted to host with them (because I do, i'm just waiting for my server to expand if it ever even does).

    Thanks for the insight, from the prices i've seen and the specs they list, OVH looks like a clear cut amazing host aside from the 100mb/s bandwidth, to take advantage of the specs you'd probably need a bit more bandwidth.
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    I have to say, I host two MC servers on the same host, I split the ram to 16GB each, and it runs at absolutely no lag, and the servers are quite big.
    About the identity proof, I find it really good, it makes them look like they pay attention to detail and actually care.
    I have phoned them twice, and they didn't let me down, I got all information I needed.. so as I said before, the identity proof, can take up to 24 hours, but it's well well worth the wait.
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    I recommend hosting to singlehop, yes the price is a cost however it comes with good anti ddos alternatives.
    I'm currently hosting at ovh which has alot cheaper servers but its verry known that ovh default ssh keys are comprimised.

    If you want a populair server I recommed singlehop

    If you mean with a 'dedi' the server is allready configurated with minecraft I recommed multiplay.
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    I have been with Beastnode a long time. I have a dedicated box with them now, but even when I was renting a smaller server from them it was top notch.
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    I'd be wary of OVH - They're great when everything runs smoothly, but then your server starts having kernel panics for no reason, and goes down for weeks on end, with support being entirely unhelpful.
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    I'm with and so far it's been great. I've had great support and my dedicated machine is awesome. I host a Minecraft server on it haven't got many players but I've not had any lag on it. It's the 16GB RAM dedicated server, and only costs $60 a month. I've only had the server for a bit over a week, but it has been a great provider so far!
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    So far minecrafted is the best host I've ever had. The only thing I don't like is that it doesnt support bukkit dev builds unless you pay more for a custom jar server.
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    When you have a normal Minecraft service it's like that, but with dedicated... pure awesomeness xD
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