Best Authentication Plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by dark_hunter, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Need to know what the best Authentication plugin to use and why? So I can use the best.

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    is the best one.
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    U can use Online Mode Or The Plugin Called AuthMe
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    Having online mode off is the reason why I'm asking for an Authentication plugin. But thanks for your guys suggestions anyone else have any ideas?
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    Aurum Crescent

    You can try to make your own. I have one made by a previous server owner that forces people to register on my phpBB forums first, request an activation and then are able to log in.

    Their ingameaccount and password is the same as their phpBB account. They even have the option to choose if they uses their password or not and updated their IP by visiting the same page to request activation. It is both IP binded and password protected. That is one of the best authorization plugin. However, I am not allowed to give you this. You can try to ask someone to code something like this for you.
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    XAuth works fine for me
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    Best to try the ones available out for yourself and use which plugin you'd need based on it's features.
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    Xauth is my favourite, simple , easy and there are some advanced settings if you want them.
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